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Subject: The ROUSHYATES PRI Party
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All work and no play... is unacceptable.

As the second day of the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) trade show came to an end, there was a moment of clarity: networking was important, but Orlando boasted more than carburetors and track gear. There was instead music to find.

And so Get Green Racing’s Mark Daniel, along with One Big Broadcast’s Steven Arsenault, sought what the city had to offer.
Their journey led them to Howl At The Moon, a dueling piano bar in the heart of downtown, where Jeff and Mike of ROUSHYATES Engines were hosting a private function. Invitations were required for this VIP event—but both Mark and Steven had access to what was the PRI party of the year.
Howl At The Moon is at the center of Orlando’s music scene and the expectations were high. The bar didn’t disappoint, however, with its live rock’n’roll show (dueling pianos supported by bass beats and drum solos) and Southern hospitality. The energy was undeniable. PRI guests hurried in to the ROUSHYATES party, wanting to unwind from the endless seminars and strategies. This was a night for fun and the night was a success.
Get Green Racing’s Mark Daniel sampled good food, good music and even better conversation. Howl At The Moon was everything it was meant to be.
Subject: Opening Day at the PRI
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There was no snow on the ground. There were no boughs of holly shoved over doorways or dazzling lights roped along the walls, and the Florida weather seemed far too warm for the season. Christmas still came early during the first day of the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show, however: bringing gifts and strategies.

As they entered the massive exhibition hall, guests were greeted by endless aisles. Chrome-plated pieces caught the eye, drawing crowds from booth to booth; racing lingo flooded the floor as vendors explained their latest innovations; and modern cars battled classic chassises for attention. The sights were undeniable. The energy was electric.

And Get Green Racing was there, experiencing it all.
The PRI is recognized throughout the world as the center of racing. Automotive giants (like Ford, Aston Martin and Chevrolet) premiere their most striking designs here. Sponsors and distributors come together, exchanging ideas. Every possible item—from custom coils to stock wheels, headers to helmets—is offered. 
The opening of the 2012 show proved to be no exception, and Get Green Racing took advantage of every opportunity. A seminar on social media was attended, which provided ways to transform web sites into communities (a strategy Get Green Racing and One Big Broadcast will use to promote both track records and sustainability). After that, the hours were spent examining the many displays. It was a day of engines and information.
December 25th may be weeks away, but racing fans have already received their gifts for this season. 
Subject: A Green Education
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The hour was early, but there were no sleepy-eyed stares in the exhibition halls, no threats against a far too bright morning. Instead there was only excitement. 

It was the first day of the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show.

There were, as always, wonders to find: from concept designs to turbine technology, NASCAR news to electrical innovations. Throughout the afternoon, automotive professionals experienced what was possible and what was soon to come. Knowledge was gained; relationships were forged.
Get Green Racing was at the center of this cycle.
As the 2012 show began, Get Green Racing established a presence among the many exhibits of the PRI. Information about environmentalism was offered to drivers, sponsors, distributors and more. This information—which included ways to reduce waste and utilize sustainable practices at both the office and the race track—is vital for the automotive industry, and the opening day of the PRI proved to be the perfect platform to discuss it.
Education is one of the cornerstones of motor-sports. Companies and track fans alike must learn all they can to maintain the integrity of the game. The PRI has always provided ways to discover new facts or products, and Get Green Racing has now become part of this exchange.
The process doesn’t end with the PRI, however. Instead Get Green Racing, along with aid from One Big Broadcast, intends to cultivate the connections it made at the show through social media and networking. Face-to-face interactions are effective. An online community, though, is essential: providing information, communication and more. This racing movement can now shift from Orlando to the Internet.
The possibilities are endless. The future is green.
Subject: Reshaping the Racing Community
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November is a collection of numbers:

  • 38,000 guests

  • 70 represented countries

  • 1000 vendors

  • 3000 booths

  • 700,000 square feet of exhibition space

These are the figures that shape the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show.
These are also the figures that must now shape the green racing movement.
The PRI is famed throughout the world for the progressive technologies and products it offers. Its guests create a community of racing enthusiasts, drivers, engineers and more. That community must change, however. The thousands that flock to Orlando must become the thousands that choose to eliminate waste.
Racing isn't defined by cars circling a track. It’s instead a sport that generates billions of dollars, and even greater interest, every year. The financial and cultural impacts can’t be denied. Why shouldn’t those impacts be used for good then? 
Green racing is an idea that promotes conservation on and off the track. Simple, but essential, techniques are used to undo decades of damage. Electrical demands are lessened with multi-function equipment; chemicals and cleaners prove eco-friendly; and social networking replaces the need for paper (as well as delivers information more effectively). These actions support the environment and allow motor-sports to keep pace with other industries. Should the distinguished guests of the PRI choose to follow this example, the effects will be immediately seen.
Get Green Racing has already made a commitment to protecting the future. Along with One Big Broadcast and its social media platform, it seeks to educate all racers and reinvent the sport. 
38,000 is an impressive statistic. It can, however, become far more. 
Subject: Winning The eRace: A Social Seminar
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Cylinders and starters, camshafts and superchargers: the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show has forever been a tribute to motor-sports. Gears collect in every corner, with guests marveling at the latest shapes and innovations. It’s an event like no other, showcasing cars and their capabilities.

2012 proves that those capabilities aren’t just limited to the track, however.

The world is shifting. Information is traded online; products are revealed through networking; and new ideas are often born on computer screens. The PRI recognizes this change... and is now embracing it with the Winning The eRace seminar. 
This day-long event will examine the use of social media within the automotive industry. Esteemed speakers will offer insights into digital practices—like advertising, blogging, analytics and more—and will detail how these practices redefine racing. Guests will receive crucial information, learning how to better market themselves to car-lovers across the globe. This is more than simply creating a web site. This is instead mastering the Internet. 

No driver wants to be left behind on the track. Too many, however, are lagging in the race against social media. This PRI seminar will be essential then, offering guests ways to stimulate their sales and take control of search engines.

Some (like Get Green Racing) have already utilized this idea, promoting themselves through RSS feeds, specialty networks and more. They use the Internet to attract traffic and build communities. Now others must follow, getting away from the steering wheel and in front of a computer.

Winning The eRace will show them how.

Subject: The Paper Problem: Changing the Performance Racing Industry
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The days creep toward winter but the Florida sun shines on, greeting the thousands of motor-sports enthusiasts who flock to Orlando. This is a city too often defined by its amusements, the family-friendly fun it promotes with a smile. As November comes to a end, however, it reveals a love of engines. The Performance Racing Industry trade show will soon arrive.

This event (which dominates November 29 to December 1) transforms Orlando into an automotive mecca, with guests hurrying from across the globe to experience the latest innovations. 

These innovations once demanded endless pages. There were schedules to write and vendors to describe. There were floor plans to print and panels to promote. Every visitor wanted information... and that came at a cost. The Performance Racing Industry show devoured paper, with almost 40,000 buyers collecting every leaflet and pamphlet they could find. Conservation wasn’t a familiar word.
It is now, however.
Social networking defines today’s information, and the Performance Racing Industry show recognizes that. It utilizes blogs, forums, widgets and other mobile options to connect with guests. A simple online search can yield exhibit lists, product details and more. This not only delivers information more efficiently, but it spares vendors the need to waste precious paper. The impact is immediate.
Get Green Racing is aware of this and embraces the practice.
The purpose of Get Green Racing is simple: to indulge in the thrill of racing without sacrificing the environment. Sustainability is the cornerstone of every decision, and this even affects paper usage. The company keeps in trend with the Performance Racing Industry show, utilizing media to communicate with its fans. 
Get Green Racing believes in sensible paper use, offering a digital alternative—and sponsors like One Big Broadcast make that alternative a reality. Their Automated SEO techniques help to spread the Get Green Racing message by increasing search engine rankings and optimizing content. Their One-Click console allows the company to upload and adjust content quickly. This keeps fans informed and eliminates the need for countless paper products.
The automotive industry can save the environment... even if it’s just one page at a time.
Subject: Racing Toward Conservation
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Innovation is a common word, tossed toward any new idea, used so often that its meaning is lost. 

At the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show, however, that meaning is embraced—with every year offering unique technologies and products. This show, held in Orlando, invigorates motor-sports. It summons thousands of vendors from across the globe, allowing them to share their latest discoveries.

Get Green Racing is now among those discoveries. 
The world is going green. Sustainability dominates and recycling is essential. Get Green Racing recognizes this, bridging the notions of cars and conservation. 
And it’s bringing those notions to the PRI.
Companies are now evolving, relying on environmentally friendly efforts to reduce their carbon footprints. The automotive industry is no exception. It must change.
Get Green Racing proves that such a change is possible.
It takes advantage of multiple techniques to eliminate waste. Reusable products are chosen; excess materials are recycled; energy demands are lessened through efficient equipment. Most importantly, however, Get Green Racing spreads its message through social networking, reaching a wide audience and encouraging safer practices.
Digital media defines this generation. Utilizing it allows Get Green Racing to not only connect with car enthusiasts, but also brings greater awareness to its cause. It’s the perfect exchange of track information and environmentalism.
One Big Broadcast helps to fuel that exchange. Through the process of social automation—which uses tools like Real Time traffic programs, specialty networking and optimized content—it enables Get Green Racing to voice its beliefs. It dominates search engines and RSS feeds. This ensures that racing fans not only learn about their favorite teams, but they also understand how the environment impacts their favorite sport.
Now that’s innovation.
Subject: Get Green Racing Looks To PRI Trade Show
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All race industry professionals and busy thinking about Thanksgiving and their families this week but starting next week is the race industry’s Performance Industry Trade Show in Orlando. Green Racing is growing and PRI Orlando is the place to see new products and innovations along with the hundreds of companies displaying their products and services at the show.

The PRI Trade show started in Indianopolis as an industry trade show for the race industry in a time when the race industry was gaining in popularity.  With the success of the race industry came rapid growth. There wasn’t green racing then or even green racing news but the show had grown so much that the PRI trade show moved to Orlando to keep up with its growth.

We’ll be there looking and talking to sponsors, teams and suppliers and reporting live on Green Racing News PRI Orlando. Look for us if you are there,