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Subject: Reshaping the Racing Community
(Posted on Nov 28, 2012 at 02:42PM by Lee Byard ) Tags:

November is a collection of numbers:

  • 38,000 guests

  • 70 represented countries

  • 1000 vendors

  • 3000 booths

  • 700,000 square feet of exhibition space

These are the figures that shape the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show.
These are also the figures that must now shape the green racing movement.
The PRI is famed throughout the world for the progressive technologies and products it offers. Its guests create a community of racing enthusiasts, drivers, engineers and more. That community must change, however. The thousands that flock to Orlando must become the thousands that choose to eliminate waste.
Racing isn't defined by cars circling a track. It’s instead a sport that generates billions of dollars, and even greater interest, every year. The financial and cultural impacts can’t be denied. Why shouldn’t those impacts be used for good then? 
Green racing is an idea that promotes conservation on and off the track. Simple, but essential, techniques are used to undo decades of damage. Electrical demands are lessened with multi-function equipment; chemicals and cleaners prove eco-friendly; and social networking replaces the need for paper (as well as delivers information more effectively). These actions support the environment and allow motor-sports to keep pace with other industries. Should the distinguished guests of the PRI choose to follow this example, the effects will be immediately seen.
Get Green Racing has already made a commitment to protecting the future. Along with One Big Broadcast and its social media platform, it seeks to educate all racers and reinvent the sport. 
38,000 is an impressive statistic. It can, however, become far more.