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Subject: A Green Education
(Posted on Nov 29, 2012 at 02:10PM by Lee Byard ) Tags:

The hour was early, but there were no sleepy-eyed stares in the exhibition halls, no threats against a far too bright morning. Instead there was only excitement. 

It was the first day of the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show.

There were, as always, wonders to find: from concept designs to turbine technology, NASCAR news to electrical innovations. Throughout the afternoon, automotive professionals experienced what was possible and what was soon to come. Knowledge was gained; relationships were forged.
Get Green Racing was at the center of this cycle.
As the 2012 show began, Get Green Racing established a presence among the many exhibits of the PRI. Information about environmentalism was offered to drivers, sponsors, distributors and more. This information—which included ways to reduce waste and utilize sustainable practices at both the office and the race track—is vital for the automotive industry, and the opening day of the PRI proved to be the perfect platform to discuss it.
Education is one of the cornerstones of motor-sports. Companies and track fans alike must learn all they can to maintain the integrity of the game. The PRI has always provided ways to discover new facts or products, and Get Green Racing has now become part of this exchange.
The process doesn’t end with the PRI, however. Instead Get Green Racing, along with aid from One Big Broadcast, intends to cultivate the connections it made at the show through social media and networking. Face-to-face interactions are effective. An online community, though, is essential: providing information, communication and more. This racing movement can now shift from Orlando to the Internet.
The possibilities are endless. The future is green.