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Subject: Opening Day at the PRI
(Posted on Nov 30, 2012 at 12:31PM by Lee Byard ) Tags:

There was no snow on the ground. There were no boughs of holly shoved over doorways or dazzling lights roped along the walls, and the Florida weather seemed far too warm for the season. Christmas still came early during the first day of the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show, however: bringing gifts and strategies.

As they entered the massive exhibition hall, guests were greeted by endless aisles. Chrome-plated pieces caught the eye, drawing crowds from booth to booth; racing lingo flooded the floor as vendors explained their latest innovations; and modern cars battled classic chassises for attention. The sights were undeniable. The energy was electric.

And Get Green Racing was there, experiencing it all.
The PRI is recognized throughout the world as the center of racing. Automotive giants (like Ford, Aston Martin and Chevrolet) premiere their most striking designs here. Sponsors and distributors come together, exchanging ideas. Every possible item—from custom coils to stock wheels, headers to helmets—is offered. 
The opening of the 2012 show proved to be no exception, and Get Green Racing took advantage of every opportunity. A seminar on social media was attended, which provided ways to transform web sites into communities (a strategy Get Green Racing and One Big Broadcast will use to promote both track records and sustainability). After that, the hours were spent examining the many displays. It was a day of engines and information.
December 25th may be weeks away, but racing fans have already received their gifts for this season.