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Honda Women Auto Trends Blog New Westminster BC
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2018 honda accord lx for sale courtenay bcHave you been searching for a wonderful vehicle to drive in your retirement? You’ll want something that’s both practical and affordable so that you can stick to your budget. In addition, safety is essential. Perhaps you should consider the 2018 Honda Accord LX. It’s filled to the brim with protective features and offers lots of bang for the buck.

Trust that this car has your back. Safety features include child locks, a backup camera, and lane departure warning. Rear defrost helps you to see when it rains or snows, and heated mirrors improve visibility, too. Thanks to several airbags, you will also stay safe, should the worst occur. A security system protects your valuables when you’re away from the car.

If you’re interested in amenities, the 2018 Accord LX has plenty. Bluetooth connectivity means that you can connect your smartphone and make calls without danger while you’re out on the road. Multi-zone air conditioning helps to keep everyone in the vehicle comfortable no matter what their preferred temperature might be.

Driving.ca was impressed at how roomy this automobile was, as well as with its fine looks and high-end vibe. Stop by your local Island Honda dealer the next time you’re in the Courtenay, BC, area and take a test drive!

Are you headed off to college and looking to buy your first car? We totally understand how nerve-wracking that can be. Especially when you’re a young woman, going to an automobile dealership and trying to make a deal can be especially scary. At Island Honda, we promise not to take advantage of you or treat you differently because of your age or gender. Instead, we make it our mission to get you set up in the best vehicle for you.

Unless you have a lot of gear to haul, you’re probably just looking for a safe, practical subcompact that includes a number of comfortable features. In the 2018 Honda Civic Coupe LX, you can have it all. Its amenities include Bluetooth connectivity and Apple CarPlay, so you are able to call your mom or friends while you’re driving without putting your safety at risk. In addition, you’re sure to appreciate the convenience of keyless entry, which makes it easy to get going when you have an early morning class.

Protect yourself and others on campus with the included backup camera. When the weather gets bad, you’ll love having heated mirrors. These help to melt the snow and ice away, so it’s easier for you to see. Heated seats are also included, which keep you nice and cozy.

Stop by Island Honda the next time you’re in the Courtenay, BC, area and take a test drive of this wonderful vehicle! We know you’ll have a wonderful shopping experience.

2018 honda pilot for sale courtenay bcHave you been hoping to find a great new crossover or SUV for your family before winter hits? If so, have you checked out the 2018 Honda Pilot EX yet? It’s got a number of luxurious features, plenty of power, and several safety amenities, so there’s nothing lacking here.

Get comfortable in this Honda, which includes heated seats to keep you warm this winter. Keep in touch wherever you go, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. Music is a key part of the
SUV, because it boasts auxiliary audio input, AM/FM radio, and the ability to link your smartphone. You’ll never have to worry about a lack of entertainment! Keyless start helps you to get started each day.

The SUV boasts 280 horsepower due in part to its 3.5-litre V6 engine. For ease of use, all of that oomph is mated to its six-speed automatic transmission. It seats 8 with no trouble, and it has 4.03 cubic yards of cargo space up to the first row. Child safety locks protect little ones who sit in the back of the automobile.

Driving.ca raved about the Pilot, and you’re sure to love it, too. Hurry
in to our Courtenay, BC, Island Honda showroom and take a test drive! 
When you have a family, their needs are the most important thing. Making sure that they’re safe, taken care of, and, if possible, entertained is probably fairly high on your list. Fortunately, there’s a vehicle that makes this realistic.

The 2019 Honda Odyssey EX-L Res is filled to the brim with amenities that are sure to keep your kids, pets, and spouse comfortable and amused wherever you go. For instance, heated seats ensure that everyone is cozy, no matter the weather. When the mercury rises once again, multi-zone air conditioning help the whole crew to stay cool. Long trips are made tolerable, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to play music in a variety of formats. You’ll also appreciate smart device integration so that you can remain in touch.

Safety features in this van include lane departure warning, integrated turn signal mirrors, and variable speed intermittent wipers. In addition, fog lamps, a spare tire, and child locks add extra peace of mind. Stability control and a backup camera further add to your protection, as does a full suite of airbags.

Stop by Island Honda the next time you’re in Courtenay,
BC, and test drive the vehicle known for its ability to stay on the road well over 300,000 kilometres!
2017 honda accord ex-l for sale courtenay bcAre you trying to find a safe, reliable vehicle that you can take out for errands and when you go to see your friends? If you’re retired and live alone, you might not need something huge or fancy for your daily routine, but you deserve an automobile that’s to your liking and is comfortable.

How about the 2017 Honda Accord EX-L? This beautiful sedan is filled to the brim with protective amenities, like lane departure warning and traction control. In addition, it boasts several airbags and a backup camera, helping you to see where you’re headed before you leave each day. Integrated turn signal mirrors make it easier for other drivers to tell what moves you’re about to make, which in turn helps to prevent a crash. Child safety locks are great for when you have the grandkids with you.

The vehicle is comfortable, thanks to multi-zone air conditioning and heated seats. An adjustable steering wheel helps you to get things situated just the way you like. It has an mp3 player and the radio, and you can connect your phone via Bluetooth for even more musical choices.

Intrigued? Stop by Island Honda in Courtenay, BC, today and test drive the vehicle that The Car Connection
said “remains the sensible choice.”
2018 honda civic coupe ex-t for sale courtenay bcDo you want a sporty new car that you can show off in the office parking lot? Are you sick of giving rides to friends and being ashamed of the coffee stains or out-of-date technology in your current ride? If this rings a bell, worry no more. The 2018 Honda Civic Coupe EX-T is a wonderful choice. Full of athleticism and with all the features you crave, it will definitely top your list.

Amenities in this coupe include a variable speed transmission and performance tires, both of which can enhance enjoyability. A sunroof is a nice addition when the weather is fine, and intermittent wipers are ideal for when skies are gray. Heated power mirrors are easy to manipulate and melt snow and ice away to keep visibility high.

Connect your device and listen to all of your music in the Civic, thanks to Bluetooth and a variety of smartphone features. You’ll definitely appreciate keyless start this winter, and steering wheel audio controls make it a snap to call your friends or switch the radio station without taking your eyes off the snowy roads.

Reviewer The Car Connection raved about this car, and you’re going to love it, too. Hurry
in to Island Honda the next time you’re in the Courtenay, BC, area and take a test drive!
Your number one priority is keeping the family together. You have to get your kids to school and practice, stay on top of deadlines at work, and keep the refrigerator stocked. If you have pets, you’re responsible for bringing them to the vet, too. You need a pretty sizable vehicle if you want to fit a dog, your son’s lacrosse stick, or your daughter’s presentation for science class. In addition, it needs to boast a variety of safety features. What’s more important, after all, than your crew’s security?

The 2019 Honda Odyssey Touring is the creme de la creme where minivans are considered. It has a navigation system, which comes in handy when you’re constantly on the move. A sunroof and auxiliary audio input keep things fun for your children. Hard disk media storage, AM/FM and satellite radio, and both CD and mp3 players make it a snap to listen to your music no matter where you’re headed.

A security system, tire pressure monitor, and plenty of airbags keep you safe when you’re out and about. In addition, lane departure warning lets you know if you’ve started to drift into the path of another vehicle.

Known for its ability to stay on the road well over 300,000
kilometres, this van is a great choice. Want to test drive the 2019 Odyssey Touring? Stop by Island Honda in Courtenay, BC, today! 
2017 honda accord ex-l for sale comox valley bcDid you just graduate from college and get your first job? Congratulations! In a time of life that can both very exciting and a bit overwhelming for young women, you should have a vehicle on your side that can go the distance. Your budget may not be huge, but you want something safe that has good fuel economy and also boasts the amenities you need to stay connected.

Look no further than the 2017 Honda Accord EX-L. With just 20
kilometres to its name, this is still considered a new vehicle. Even better, it’s not the base model, so you’re going to enjoy some of the upgrades that are included. However, since it’s not the latest year produced, you can save a little bit off the purchase price.

Features in this sedan that you’ll 
love include an automatic transmission and front wheel drive. Lane departure warning lets you know before you make a costly mistake on the highway. You’re still at the point when an accident could make your insurance rates go up, so this is important to have. Traction control helps you to stay safe when the weather is bad, too.

It’s not all practicality, though. A sunroof is an enjoyable addition, and seat memory keeps your comfortable position saved no matter who borrows your car.

The Accord is one of the vehicles known to get 300,000
kilometres regularly, so it’s a safe buy. Stop by Island Honda in Courtenay, BC, today and take a test drive! 
2008 honda civic lx for sale courtenay bcIf you’re looking for a safe, affordable vehicle for your teenager, rejoice! The 2008 Honda Civic LX comes to you at a fabulous price and offers a variety of impressive amenities that both you and your youth are sure to love. Even more importantly, safety is taken very seriously in this sedan.

For starters, be sure your teen is protected. Several airbags are ready to deploy in the event of a crash, and a sensor will turn them off if someone in the front seat would be injured when they were used. Variable speed intermittent wipers can become faster or slower depending on the rain that’s falling. An adjustable steering wheel ensures that the vehicle is safely operated. Power steering provides a bit of extra support to your kids while they’re learning the ropes.

Power mirrors in the Civic are easy to adjust, and AM/FM stereo, an mp3 player, and the ability to play CDs keep young people entertained on long trips. A manual transmission gives drivers more control and also helps with fuel economy.

A reviewer from Driving.ca raved about this car, and you’re sure to love it, too! Hurry
in to Island Honda in Courtenay, BC, today and take a test drive!
Women of Courtenay, BC: you have a secret. You love trucks. At a lot of auto dealerships, you may feel intimidated shopping for a pickup because the sales people are pushy or make assumptions about the sort of vehicle you “should” drive. At Island Honda, we promise never to prejudge you based on your gender (or anything else)! Shop with us and get into the perfect automobile for you.

If it’s a great truck that you’re after, you might appreciate the 2019 Honda Ridgeline Sport. An automatic transmission and power steering represent the sort of
laid back driving you’re allowed in this amazing vehicle. However, there’s plenty to keep you engaged. It has a gutsy base, with a 3.5-litre V6 engine at its core.

In addition, this Honda was built to include all of the amenities you’ve dreamed about, including a colour touch screen display. Proximity keyless access and a push-button start make everything about your day easier. Multi-zone air conditioning keeps you and all of your friends comfortable when you’re out on an adventure. When you’re tired at the end of a long drive, the truck’s universal garage door opener helps you coast back into the garage.

To own the vehicle that The Car Magazine raved about, hurry
in to Island Honda and request a test drive today!
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