Inside JibSet
Becoming a  JIB SET member means the entire sailing lifestyle is at your doorstep. It is your gateway to the friendship and adventure of joining fellow sailors and family and friends on day sailing trips, flotillas, social events, courses and bareboat chartering at home and abroad.
When you join the club, you'll start by registering as a new member on this JIB SET website to gain access to the member zone for making boat reservations or  joining other member's reservations.  Our club policy is if there is room in a boat, no member will ever be left on the dock.  Also in the member zone are the club handbook, our roster of members and mentors, and guidelines for safely navigating our local cruising area in English Bay.
A great way to meet other members and improve your skills is to join us for Friday Night Racing and barbecues during the summer months and Sunday Sailing during the winter. Summer Friday Night Races are fun events to introduce members to each other and the rules and tactics of sailboat racing. Winter sailing weather is often very pleasant and most local sailors hibernate in winter so we usually have our waters almost entirely to ourselves. Sunday sailing and regular clinics during the winter keep us in touch with our sport and maintain our skills.

As a member you will want to know how to arrange a sail. First, communicate with other members and mentors that you know or by looking them up in the club roster or contacting them through our Meetup site. Then log onto this website using your username and password; select "Club Boat Reservations" and either book a boat as a skipper or join an existing reservation as crew. As a skipper, when you come down to Granville Island for your sail, walk down to the dock to check the line-up of club boats to see which boat is most accessible, then in "The Crow's Nest" club house check the weather on the computer, take from the rack the clipboard for your boat and review the comments of previous skippers; clip on a fresh trip log sheet, select PFDs (life vests) for yourself and your crew and head down to the boat. Inspect the boat and the safety equipment, enter crew names in the trip log and complete the check list; then return the clipboard to the Crow's Nest. Now you are ready to go sailing...

Our boats are equipped with 4-cycle outboard motors. We leave the dock under power and motor down Broker's Bay toward Bridges restaurant, then turn west under the Burrard Street Bridge between the Maritime Museum and Sunset Beach and out into our beautiful English Bay. Bathers and joggers watch our progress - some of them are thinking "I wish I was going sailing with those guys". When we are clear of the channel, we raise our sails and kill the motor - Ah, Silence! For the next few hours we sail in one of the most spectacular bays in the world surrounded by the cityscape, the forests of Stanley Park and Point Grey and in the distance, Mount Baker, Bowen Island and snow-capped mountains on Vancouver Island. One day, you may be at the helm of a cruising boat crossing Georgia Strait to explore the Gulf Islands to the west or the San Juans to the south or perhaps north to Desolation Sound and beyond. And perhaps one day, you'll be met by a pod of dolphins: they'll leap from the water beside you and play in the bow wave and wake of your boat. They'll swim alongside and look inquisitively up at you as if to say, "Welcome to our world!"  It's magical and it all starts with the Jib Set.

What does membership cost? The one-time initiation fee is $499.00 and the monthly dues are $149.99. Taxes are extra. This gives you seven day a week access to the club's fleet of modern M244 keelboats. All the expenses you would normally have if you were a boat owner - moorage, insurance, maintenance, fuel and depreciation - are covered. You have the free use of the club house and all the necessary safety equipment is supplied as well as PFDs for you and your crew. Please contact us to learn about our special reduced rates for spouses and partners, younger sailors and students.

How to join the club? Simply contact us and a club executive will arrange to meet you. Executives are volunteers so it will be necessary to arrange a mutually convenient time. Alternatively, you can drop into Cooper Boating during business hours 7 days a week and the Cooper staff will be happy to answer your questions and process your application. It's that easy.

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