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Amazing Service in all departments
I Had the pleasure of buying a used Ford Focus ST from Key West Ford about a month ago after having a bad experience at another dealership. We went to look at the car, Ian came out and greeted us and then left us alone unless we had questions, he wasn't pushy or aggressive which was a nice change. I decided to take the car to my shop to do my own mechanical inspection, car checked out except for a small oil leak, but I decided to pull the trigger since it would be repaired under warranty. This was my first time financing a car but Ian, Gurj and Michael Nokes explained everything in great detail and didn't rush anything. Brought the car home and waited a few days to book it in to get the oil leak repaired. I phoned the Key West service department and was helped by Tony and Sue and made the appointment. Two days later I went to pick up the car and being a mechanic, decided to bring the car back to my shop to check out the repair which was done very well. A week later I phoned the parts department to ask about some accessories and was happy to see that the amazing customer service covers the entire dealership. Michael even phoned me a few days after to ask me how I liked the car, he also answered every question I had after buying the car promptly and thoroughly. This is an amazing dealership with amazing customer service, I would go to Key West Ford even if I wasn't buying a Ford. Thank you Ian, Gurj, Michael, Sue, Tony and everyone else at Key West Ford for taking the stress out of buying a car.
Bought a used vehicle quick and easy!
We walked into dealership and found Jag as we had dealt with him before. We had no intentions of buying a vehicle that day but left very happy with our new Elantra!
Total beginner at used car purchase. My salesperson Nik cheerful honest and well-informed found me the ideal car Kia Rio 2016 for a super price. The entire team were entirely supportive and straightforward: management Michael;financing Gurj and Michelle; and customer service,Meghan kept all their promises, and stood by until I drove off .the lot. in great happiness and relief for a first time used car buyer
Shopped & bought my car after test driving 3 cars
Thank you Key West Ford 👍 Quick - efficient and trustworthy dealership looking forward to sharing my experience and will recommend them anyone who may need a new or used car.
Great experience
Jag understood what kind of vehicle I wanted and found a perfect match. I got the SUV I wanted at a better price than I expected. Great service!
Great experience
For a while, I was interested in upgrading my car with a newer one. I spent a lot of time on internet searching for the right car and the right price and I picked 2015 Ford Fiesta Titanium at Key West Ford. On their website I found all details, pictures and specs so I made a call. I talked to Jag in Sales and arranged a test drive. From that moment everything was going smoothly. Kal Bhatti, Sales Manager, did a great job to appraise my car and was very pleasant and pretty straight forward about the price of the car. Nick and Gurj in Business Office took their time to get me the best interest rate possible and monthly payments affordable.It was all done in no time and without any pressure and I felt so comfortable dealing with all of them. I found a couple of minor things to be done on the car and Jag took care of it and it was ready for delivery on next day. The car was clean inside and out, I had a feeling that I bought a brand new car. I shared my experience with many friends and relatives and recommended the Key West Ford as a place to buy a car. Grat job guys!!! Bobby K Richmond
Good and quick
I have liked the staff, they know where they are going, it is easy too to contact them and now I have a great car.
Found just the car I needed
I came to Key West Ford looking for a used vehicle within a strict budget. When my first choice was out of my price range, Jag asked about my needs an preferences and found me a perfect fit for at a better price.
Amber is the best they have, by far
Amber is the only service advisor at Key West I trust. She's a straight shooter and doesn't make things up or make promises she can't keep. I was at my wits' end when dealing with Tony, I was ready to walk away from the dealership entirely, but Amber, with Sue's help, restored some faith in them. They are still slow, and a little too expensive, but since they are local to me, I will stick with them, so long as it's Amber I am dealing with. If she's not there that day, I don't even bother.
News for New and Used Nissan Titan Trucks
Kirkland Nissan Blogs - Titan Trucks
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It’s a constant struggle - with your hands forever leaving the steering wheel, fumbling always for features that are never quite in reach. You battle with awkward port outlets and inconvenient compartments; you try to navigate the cramped cabin quarters. Nothing is ever where you need (or want) it to be. Instead a pick-up was designed to accommodate only the absurd.

With the impending release of the 2018 Titan, Nissan seeks to change this. Expect more from your half-ton experience.

According to a recent press release, Nissan is bridging the gap between function and fashion. While its leather-trimmed interior will certainly impress, the Titan will prove its true value in everyday ease. It’s been tailored for convenience, offering drivers:

Storage - console-side pockets now line the dash and doors, accommodating maps, smartphones, and other essential items.

Syncing - 12-volt and 110-volt power outlets flank the cabin walls, allowing for easy device charging and digital downloads.

Support - seven assist grips can be found throughout the Titan, enabling passengers to quickly slide inside.

Start-Up - a remote engine system has been added to this pick-up, providing instant access to the automatic climate controls, perimeter alarm, and more.

These functions ensure that the 2018 Titan will provide consumers with the simplicity they crave, with Nissan fusing every line with smart mobility. Consider, for example, the recent cabin re-design - which improves overall spatial needs by relocating the steering column. This frees valuable console room, adding 15-inches to the central stand. Consumers can now store their laptops and tablets with ease… without interfering with the rear cupholders and second-row climate vents.

Nissan truly has thought of everything.

Want to see how the 2018 Titan will redefine the Seattle market? Visit our dealership today!

Performance extends far beyond torque. Instead half-ton platforms must deliver agile responses - maximizing both speed and efficiency with every mile. Aerodynamic designs ensure that drivers achieve optimum capability; and the need to counter drag defines every fascia decision.

This is why we’re thrilled to announce that the 2018 Titan will prove ready to impress - connecting consumers to the full-throttle performance they deserve.

According to a Nissan press release, the new Titan has been meticulously sculpted for Seattle’s changeable conditions - with its exterior intended to combat many environmental factors. Spoilers along the tailgate and front bumper help to eliminate drag; while covers for the dual tow hooks reduce overall wind exposure. Deflectors placed along the back fenders improve aerodynamics, sluicing away rain and sleet; and the inclusion of an advanced cabin seal further improves performance, lessening the impact of sudden gales.

To ensure superior responses, Nissan has fused the 2018 Titan with Active Grille Shutter technology. This system - which shields the radiator from excessive air, closing the front openings as needed - greatly reduces exposure to the elements and allows the truck to power through every terrain.

When these technologies combine, they create a platform that is ready for any challenge - delivering 390 HP, 394 lb.-ft of torque, and a combined MPG of 18. Class-leading capability is achieved.

To learn more about the 2018 Titan contact us today.

It’s an obscure angle. You peer hopelessly at your rearview mirror, trying to gauge the distance between your car and the curb beyond. The sidewalk looms behind your rear bumper and a collision is all too possible. Slowly you steer the platform into place, inching your way between the lines. Your caution proves futile, however, as a grating scrape of concrete and chrome rings through the morning.

You’ve made (costly) contact.

With the release of the 2018 Titan, Nissan seeks to provide drivers with the 360-degree support they deserve - helping to eliminate the chance of a downtown collision and improve performance. Prepare for the Around View monitor.

According to a press release, Nissan has bolstered its 2018 Titan with Around View capability. This advanced monitoring system enables drivers to confidently navigate the tightest of spaces - blending front, rear, and side cameras to achieve a comprehensive environmental scan. High-definition pixels showcase every angle; while Moving Object Detection (MOD) technology releases audio alerts in the wake of a passing pedestrian or vehicle. Through this, both parallel and perpendicular parking will prove far easier.

No longer struggle with narrow corners and unforgiving lanes. Instead allow the Around View monitor to provide a 360-degree perspective, with its front and rear sonar systems negating the chance of a crash. Maneuvering the Titan’s standard 5.5-foot box will be no challenge.

Want to test the capabilities of the Around View monitor? Contact our team today!

A simple rule defines the automotive world: what remains unbroken should never be fixed. While progress proves essential, the world’s leading brands recognize the value of maintaining the systems that launched them to the forefront of the public consciousness. After all, change doesn’t always translate to success.

This is why Nissan is keeping its 2018 Titan on the V8 path. Deviation is neither necessary nor welcome.

As a recent press release explains, the 2018 Titan will continue the tradition of V8 performance in Seattle. Beneath the hood of this 139.8-inch pick-up is a 5.6L Endurance engine - capable of achieving 390 HP and 394 lb.-ft of torque. This best-in-class ratio is ensured through Nissan’s innovative Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL) system, which pairs hydraulically-controlled timing with electronic intake power to enhance throttle responses. Through this, air and fuel levels are increased; and the truck can blaze down every road.

To further improve performance, Nissan has also fused its 2018 Titan with enlarged valve openings and non-variable camshafts. This provides a seamless burst of power with every mile and helps to maximize overall revs (expect up to 5,800 RPMs).

With the impending release of the 2018 Titan, Nissan is embracing the past to ensure a better future. To learn more about this platform contact us today.

Some terrains seem insurmountable - a series of winding hills and treacherous curves. Only the bravest drivers will dare to attempt these ever-rising inclines; and they depend on V8 performance to conquer every mile.

This… is not your experience. Instead you spend your days traveling the downtown streets and suburban lanes, maneuvering through hectic traffic (instead of wild weather). You battle time, not mountains; and a V8 engine simply proves unnecessary.

Nissan will soon have the truck for you.

According to CarBuzz, Nissan is planning to revitalize its Titan fleet - by adding a V6 engine. Despite offering two of the most potent powerpoints on the market (the 5.6L Endurance V8 and the 5.0L Cummins Turbo Diesel), the brand has yet to achieve the high sales of its F-Series and Colorado competitors. Critics believe that this is not a reflection of quality. Instead it’s the effect of driver needs.

As CarBuzz explains, many consumers find the Titan’s current roster simply too powerful for their day-to-day demands. A V6 instead provides the necessary performance (as well as the much-craved economy). This is why Nissan intends to redefine its signature Titan - adding a new engine option by 2019. This will allow the brand to accommodate drivers with greater ease; and it will ensure a direct competition with Ford, Chevrolet, and other leading marques.

No official specs for the Titan V6 have yet been released. Critics anticipate, however, that Nissan will reveal them by early summer.

To learn more about the upcoming 2019 Titan contact us today.

Rejoice, Seattle! The 2018 Titan is finally on its way - with Nissan gearing up for a nationwide release. Critics have been anxiously awaiting this platform, wondering if it could surpass its predecessor; and, based on the sneak-peek of specs we’ve received, we think that’s a very likely possibility.

As reports, the 2018 Titan will soon arrive in Washington. Though no full list of details has been confirmed, the site’s team was able to secure some interesting powertrain highlights. Anchoring the chassis will (once again) be Nissan’s signature 5.6L Endurance V8. This should yield impressive performance ratios, with critics estimating up to 390 HP and 394 lb.-ft of torque. A seven-speed automatic transmission will ensure nimble gear-to-gear responses; while two-wheel and four-wheel drivetrains will adapt to every terrain with ease.

Despite the endless rumors, the 2018 Titan will not feature a V6 alternative. Nissan chose to focus its energy instead on increasing the Endurance engine’s capabilities - and this should result in a more efficient experience (no official MPG ratings have been released but critics expect them to exceed last year’s 15-city and 21-highway ratios).

The 2018 Titan will offer drivers the segment-leading performance they deserve - and we can’t wait to see this platform on the Seattle streets. To learn more contact us today.

Too often do bargains prove elusive in Seattle. You wander aimlessly through the dealer lots, following the faint scent of a marked-down MSRP; but you somehow always lose the trail. The savings disappear into the black-top jungle and you’re left (once again) with an overpriced piece of chrome.

The 2018 Titan will change this.

According to, the new Titan delivers more than V8 power. It also embraces value, with Nissan fusing it with low prices. Unlike its F-Series and Colorado competitors, this platform will demand less from consumer bank accounts - with the costs of its 4x2 and 4x4 models remaining virtually unchanged from last year. Among the options offered are:

Single Cab (S): $31,075.
Single Cab (SV): $34,435.
King Cab (S): $34,045.
King Cab (SV): $37,425.
King Cab (Pro-4X): $44,785.
Crew Cab (SL): $48,325.
Crew Cab (Platinum): $54,255.

These base prices promise savings for Seattle consumers - with the 2018 Titan delivering maximum performance (courtesy of its 5.6L Endurance engine and available AWD) and budget-friendly MSRPs. No longer will drivers have to sacrifice capability for cost. Instead Nissan offers a class-leading half-ton platform that will impress with every credit card swipe.

Want to see a full list of the Titan’s prices for 2018? Visit our dealership today.

Night falls across Seattle - sprawling along every highway mile and downtown curve, painting the road markings indecipherable. A sigh escapes as you squint into the dark. This evening proves too murky for your sedan’s tiny headlamps, and you press against the brake. This is no time for speed.

It is, however, a time for safety - which is why we recommend the 2018 Titan XD. This Nissan pick-up delivers superior performance in uncertain conditions, allowing drivers to quickly adapt to changing roadways, weather patterns, and (of course) poor lighting.

As Car Buzz explains, the 2018 Titan XD is masterfully designed - with Nissan emphasizing safety with every mile. The Around View monitor delivers real-time feeds, with its multiple cameras capturing both front and rear angles. Trust these high-definition pixels to provide immediate warnings for approaching vehicles or pedestrians; while the integrated sonar system utilizes 3D mapping technology to observe all surroundings. Rear cross traffic alerts prove vital, while integrated blind spot surveillance keeps track of potential dangers. Automatic headlamps defend against the dark and ensure precise illumination.

To further shield drivers, the 2018 Titan also boasts six standard airbags - including single-stage frontal, side-impact, and seat-mounted passenger. When paired with advanced rollover sensors, these inflatables provide comprehensive cabin protection.

With the release of the 2018 Titan XD, Nissan enables Seattle consumers to better counter unfamiliar terrains. To learn more about this truck’s many safety features contact us today.

Mystery shrouds the 2018 Titan - with its Midnight Edition obscured by dark lines and impenetrable pricing specs. Critics have tried to divine its secrets but none have succeeded (undone by Nissan’s fiercely guarded marketing strategies). The cost of this aftermarket add-on has been impossible to guess.

That impossibility is now a reality.

According to Kelley Blue Book, Nissan has revealed the price of its Midnight Edition package. Seattle drivers wishing to transform their Titans into monstrous half-ton beasts need only pay $1,250 to ensure a wide range of custom applications, including:

Front Fascia: Redefine every first impression through a black grille and dark-painted fog lamps. Chrome-capped mirrors and door handles will further thrill, delivering a sleek contrast to the new panel colors (Gun Metallic and White Pearl).

Rear Fascia: The 2018 Titan rests on 20-inch wheels (with each spoke painted black). The bumper is trimmed in charcoal, while dark step rails line the doors.

Interior: Slide into something sleek, with the Midnight Edition package offering supple leather seating and chrome-trimmed appliques.

With the release of the 2018 Titan, Nissan promises unparalleled style for the new year… and its affordable pricing package ensures that Seattle drivers won’t empty their bank accounts to achieve sophistication.

To learn more about this pick-up contact us today!

As Nissan enters its final sales quarter one question lingers on the critics’ lips: will the Force prove strong with the Titan? Star Wars: The Last Jedi has already delivered exceptional box-office performance - but can a cross-promotion with the pick-up market yield the same results?

Torque News believes it can.

As the noted automotive site explains, Nissan’s 2018 Titan recently received a galactic upgrade - with its grille fused with a blast cannon and its interior tailored to a Sith sensibility. To celebrate the arrival of the latest Star Wars extravaganza it was modeled after an Imperial Walker, with its muscular profile proving perfect for the camo-splashed fenders and raised suspension. Critics and film fans alike have praised this design; and it recently stole the spotlight at the LA Auto Show.

Nissan is hoping, however, that it will also generate profits.

According to Torque News, the Star Wars influence has been positive in the past - with 2016’s Rogue One crossover yielding a 19% total year-to-year profit enhancement. The Titan (which is already experiencing record sales) should continue this pattern, with Nissan representatives noting traffic surges and search engine increases since revealing its movie-inspired platform. The Force is pushing this pick-up toward new heights.

Want to learn more about the 2018 Titan? Visit our dealership for further Star Wars-inspired specs!