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Family Mediation

Family Mediation

After you’ve made the difficult decision to separate or divorce, you may decide to resolve your family matters without the involvement of the courts. Try mediation.  Penny Paul is a certified Family Law Mediator. 
Beware in choosing a “mediator” because only “Family Law Mediators” are actual lawyers who know family law and mediation.  They alone are qualified by the stringent requirements laid out by the B.C. Law Society.  It is never a good idea to use a mediator who is not a qualified Family lawyer to resolve anything but the most simple cases such as those that involve only parenting arrangements or child support.
Also be aware of choosing a mediator who is untrained in reading financial statements and business documents unless you have a financial expert involved.  Penny Paul is known for her business acumen and ability to understand tax and financial matters.
Mediation is well-suited for complex family, financial, and business circumstances.  Accountants and valuators can easily be included in the team.  Mediation offers you the possibility of creating your own solution through the use of a private and confidential process.
Litigation can sometimes destroy a relationship with an x-spouse with whom you may need to co-parent for years to come.  There is much less chance of mediation having that same outcome.
Penny Paul is a highly qualified expert in family law and mediation and her job as a mediator is to guide you to a reasonable outcome that is fair to both parties.  She will skillfully facilitate the negotiation.
At Andersen Paul we are able to provide a very comfortable space for mediation including a boardroom and breakout rooms.  Penny Paul also has an office under construction at Sproat Lake on Vancouver Island and will soon be conducting mediations there too.