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Subject: Dorado In Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 10:05AM by Lee Byard)

Along the coast of Los Suenos swims a flat-faced fish. Its compact body--scaled in brilliant blue and green--moves quickly through the Pacific, snagging Mackerels and Squids with sharp teeth. It boasts many names: Mahi-Mahi, Dolphin Fish, Lampuga.

In Costa Rica, however, it’s known as the Dorado... and many charter services, like the Tres Amigos, chase after it each year.

tres amigos los sueños costa rica fishing

The Dorado is one of Costa Rica’s most abundant breeds. It thrives in the warm Pacific waters, foraging along the surface for its favorite prey. Spotting this breed is easy. 

Catching it, however, can prove difficult--unless anglers remember these suggestions:

Look For Hiding Places

The Dorado is a deep-sea breed. It hunts, however, along the crests and breaks, attracted both by its prey and passing debris. This is a fish that likes to hide. Pieces of driftwood, tangled strips of sea-weed and even clusters of larger animals (like dolphins) will always draw the Dorado.

Use The Chumming Method

The Dorado is a greedy creature. It will devour everything in its path. Chumming is the easiest way to tempt it to a charter boat, like the Tres Amigos. The sudden arrival of bait will lure this fish to every line.

Rely On Heavy Lures

The Dorado features a compressed body. This leads many to assume that the fish is easy to catch. The truth, however, is that this breed is muscular, often exceeding twenty five pounds. That allows it to break light lines or lures. Heavy tackle must be used to ensure a successful trip.

Utilize these tips to track the Dorado.

tres amigos los suenos costa rica fishing

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Subject: Tres Amigos: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 10:01AM by Lee Byard)

The Tres Amigos is a 40’ sport fisher.

tres amigos los suenos costa rica fishingSpeciality: The Tres Amigos is a Mahi-Mahi specialist.

Description: The Tres Amigos is a 40’ sport fisher. It features twin 370 HP Cummins engines, which allow it to achieve a cruising speed of 22 knots. An on-board fish finder and GPS system provides deep-sea support.

Anglers: Up to five anglers can board the Tres Amigos.

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Subject: Family Fishing: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 09:58AM by Lee Byard)

A fishing vacation is often a family vacation. Parents want to sail the Pacific... and they want their children to join them. 

Accommodating large groups, however, can prove difficult. Young anglers more quickly give in to exhaustion, distraction and more. Trying to bait a Marlin seems impossible when boys and girls want to simply sleep.

A charter service, like the Arriba Dreams, is essential, therefore. 

arriba dreams los suenos costa rica fishing

Charter services provide more than seasoned crews and navigational support. Instead they offer family-ready fishing. Ships, like the Arriba Dreams, provide multiple ways for children to be entertained throughout the day.

Cabin Access

Many ships boast below-deck cabins. These spacious rooms allow children to retreat from the Costa Rica sun, taking advantage of bedding options and galley kitchens. This is especially useful for full day excursions. 

On-board Diversions

A still line is a dull line... at least for children. Many charter services offer on-board distractions to compensate. Stereo systems, iPod hook-ups, televisions, DVD players and more provide easy entertainment. 

Small Fish Speciality 

Little hands can’t reel in big fishes. Marlins, Dorados and more will instead quickly pull away from children, undoing what should be a perfect moment. This is why many deep-sea charter services offer small fish specialties, with an excess of tackling options to track kid-friendly breeds.

A family vacation can finally succeed.... with help from charter ships.

arriba dreams los suenos costa rica fishing

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Subject: Arriba Dreams: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 09:54AM by Lee Byard)

The Arriba Dreams is a 38’ custom Blackfin ship.

arriba dreams los suenos costa rica fishingSpeciality: Arriba Dreams is a sport-fishing specialist.
Description: The Arriba Dreams is a custom Blackfin boat. It spans 38’, housing a convertible cabin and galley inside. It accelerates to a 29 knots cruising speed.
Anglers: Up to 10 anglers can board the Arriba Dreams.

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Subject: Yellow Fins In Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 09:38AM by Lee Byard)

The Yellow Fin Tuna is a favorite along the Costa Rica shore. Its fusiform frame--with tapering fins emphasizing the muscular curve of its body--is often chased by anglers. Its size and speed brand it a challenge.

Occasionally, however, that challenge can be too great. Many anglers can’t find this fish. They spend hours circling the shores of Los Suenos and other Costa Rican marinas, lines ignored and reels unused. 

This is a common scenario... but it’s also one that can be avoided if certain suggestions are followed.

macushla los suenos costa rica fishing

Before hunting Yellow Fin Tuna anglers should:

Consult A Charter Service

The Yellow Fin Tuna is a difficult fish to catch, even for the professional angler. Choosing a charter service (like the Macushla) is important, therefore. These services specialize in this particular breed, boasting a wealth of knowledge and techniques. They drastically increase the chances for success. 

Set Sail For Deep Waters

The Yellow Fin Tuna doesn’t cling to the shore. Instead it strays far from Los Suenos. A deep sea adventure is, therefore, needed. Light tackle or shelf fishing simply won’t work.

Look For Surface Disturbances

The Yellow Fin Tuna, despite its love of deep-water, feasts along the surface. It will track its favorite prey (Balao, Mackerel, Pilchards and more) to shallow currents. Look for disturbances: excessive splashing, an increase of sea-bird hovering and even blood. This fish is a messy eater. There is usually evidence of its meals.

Tracking the Yellow Fin Tuna isn’t always a simple goal. Following these tips, however, helps to ensure it’s an accomplishable one.

macushla los suenos costa rica fishing

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Subject: Macushla: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 09:34AM by Lee Byard)

The Macushla is a 40’ custom Sport Fisher.

macushla los suenos costa rica fishing
Specialty: Yellow Fin Tuna Specialist.

Description: The Macushla is a 40’ Custom Sport Fisher. It features Twin 370 HP Cummins engines and a cruising speed of 24 knots. It is equipped with the most up-to-date Fish Finder systems.

Anglers: Up to six anglers can board the Macushla.

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Subject: Sailfish In Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 09:31AM by Lee Byard)

The Sailfish is a prize many anglers seek to win. Its body--defined by a striking dorsal fin, with blue scales that reflect even the faintest ocean light--is impressive. Its speed is unmatched. This is a consummate predator, tracking its prey through deep currents, delivering staggering blows with its bill.

Managing to capture a Sailfish is considered quite the feat.

Knowing when to give up the fight, however, is considered a necessity.

oceanik los suenos costa rica fishing

The Sailfish is a massive creature. It boasts an average length of ten feet and can weigh up to two hundred pounds. Its body is compact but muscular, and anglers often have difficulty reeling it in (especially when they don't utilize experienced charter services, like the Oceanik). Getting this breed from the water to the deck is a challenge.

It can also be dangerous.

The Sailfish will struggle against the line. It will use its weight and incredible jumping skills to set itself free. This can force an angler to work for hours to complete the catch, causing extreme exhaustion or potential heat stroke. Some may even find themselves pulled off of the boat, with tangled lines and bent rods providing weak anchoring points. This usually occurs when a charter ship, like the Oceanik, isn't used and the equipment was professionally mounted.

It’s important, therefore, to recognize when to release a Sailfish. Anglers shouldn’t force themselves to continue. They must instead know their own limits, understanding when their bodies are tiring and when the heat is too much. They should also rely on the knowledge of charter crews, like the one found on the Oceanik, to better gauge situations.

This is the difference between an exciting vacation and a fishing disaster.

oceanik los suenos costa rica fishing

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Subject: Oceanik: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 09:27AM by Lee Byard)

The Oceanik is a 40’ Bertram ship.

oceanik los suenos costa rica fishingSpeciality: Sailfish Specialist.

Description: The Oceanik is a 40’ Bertram ship. It features Twin 450 HP Cat engines. This allows it to achieve a 22 knots cruising speed. Advanced GPS and Fish Finder equipment is also present.

Anglers: Up to seven anglers can board the Oceanik.

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Subject: Costa Rica: Sport Fishing
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 09:24AM by Lee Byard)

Sport fishing is a collection of thrills--deep sea adventures and hard-earned rewards, battling Marlins, Gars and Dorados. Venturing beyond Costa Rica’s shoreline allows anglers to experience the challenge of the chase.

It should also, however, allow them to experience comfort.

spanish fly los suenos costa rica fishing

Tracking Costa Rica’s many fish is a worthwhile way to spend a vacation. Refusing to take advantage of basic comforts--like those provide by the Spanish Fly and other charter services--can dampen any day, though. There are certain necessities anglers should look for when preparing for a deep-sea event:

Air Conditioning

Costa Rica boasts high temperatures throughout the year.  A charter ship should off air conditioned cabins or salons, therefore, to compensate. This allows anglers to worry about fishing rather than the heat.

Sleeping Quarters

All-day adventures can be tiring (as well as nausea-inducing for the novice fishermen). A charter service with sleeping quarters proves essential then, allowing travelers to take short breaks from their excursions. 

Shaded Salon

Standing beneath the Costa Rican sun for hours is a mistake. A shaded salon can rectify that mistake. Anglers should choose charter ships that feature covered areas. This will ensure easier fishing throughout the day, eliminating worries of sun burns, heat stroke and more.

Comfort is not a luxury. It’s instead a right. Find charter services, like the Spanish Fly, that provide it.

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Subject: Spanish Fly: Costa Rica
(Posted on May 1, 2013 at 09:20AM by Lee Byard)

The Spanish Fly is a 42’ Custom Maverick Sport Fisher.

spanish fly los suenos costa rica fishing
Speciality: Spanish Mackerel Specialist.

Description: The Spanish Fly is a 42’ Custom Maverick Sport Fisher. It features Twin Cat engines, which allow it to achieve a 28 knots cruise speed. It also offers a collection of rods, reels and assorted tackle.

Anglers: Up to six anglers can board the Spanish Fly.

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