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Ford Vehicle News For Saskatchewan Canada
Luxury and power combine, with Ford delivering a new breed of off-road vehicle. Prepare for the EarthRoamer XV-LTS - the first Super Duty RV!

According to Ford Authority, the Super Duty is no longer a mere pick-up. It’s also a recreational vehicle - with noted aftermarket specialist, EarthRoamer, launching a fusion like no other. The XV-LTS mates the high-performance of the Lariat with the comfort of a motor home; and the result is truly unforgettable. Anchored by a 6.7L PowerStroke turbo-diesel engine, this platform holds both 90-gallons of fuel and 90-gallons of water. This allows it to achieve a stagger 990 miles per full tank, enabling drivers to Go Further with ease.

The heavy-duty F-550 chassis rolls across every terrain, utilizing an air-ride suspension and intuitive all-wheel-drive. Aluminum paneling promotes efficiency (eliminating excess weight from the cabin and allowing the RV to achieve 11 MPGs on the highway); while the innovative 1200-watt solar battery maintains optimum cabin conditions, powering all electrical, water, and HVAC systems. The XV-LTS is completely self-sustaining and promotes off-the-grid living for every F-Series fan.

It also promotes luxury. Inside the spacious model discover: dual-pane acrylic windows, hardwood trims, premium upholstery, and custom floorplans. Every inch can be tailored to the driver’s specifications, allowing for bold style and precise comfort.

Planning the perfect vacation has never been so simple.

To learn more about the new Ford Super Duty RV contact us today!

Performance is no longer defined by a one-size-fits-all philosophy. Instead Ford is fusing its beloved F-Series with a comprehensive suite of powertrain options - allowing drivers to tailor every mile to their specific needs. The 2018 F-150 promises best-in-class adaptability.

According to Equipment World, Ford will soon provide drivers with the flexibility they crave. The 2018 F-150 will boast a wide selection of available features, offering access to premium power. Among the most notable options are:

Engine Choices: the new F-150 will offer a 3.3L Ti-VCT V6, a 2.7L EcoBoost V6, a 5.0L Ti-VCT V8, a 3.5L EcoBoost V6, and a 3.0L PowerStroke Diesel. These motors will allow it to accommodate all heavy-duty demands with ease.

Bed Technologies: for 2018, Ford will provide drivers with LED work-lights, an integrated tailgate step, stowable loading ramps, and a BoxLink cargo system. Take advantage of these features to improve payload capabilities and ensure more efficient storage.

Wheel Sizes: the F-Series will now offer wheels ranging from 17-inches to 22-inches. Drivers can decide which best suits their needs.

Through these enhancements - along with the now standardized Auto Start-Stop system - the 2018 F-150 should prove a powerhouse on the highway and the back-roads alike. To learn more about this pick-up contact us today.
The standards proved high - with the 2017 F-150 Raptor launched to universal acclaim. This twin-turbo beast roared down every highway, shaking the pavement with its 3.5L V6 engine and 10-speed automatic transmission. It had no equal.

It will soon, however, have a new sibling.

According to AutoBlog, Ford is partnering with aftermarket specialist F250R to transform the 2017 Raptor. The current powertrain - which yields 450 HP and 510 lb.-ft of torque - will be supercharged, with a new 6.7L diesel V8 engine promising:

Horsepower: Up to 580!
Torque: Up to 1,175 lb.-ft!

Hear that? It’s the sound of jaws dropping across Canada.

The F250R F-150 should become an undeniable force on the highway. This pick-up - appropriately named the Super Raptor - will provide drivers with peerless performance, boasting 40-inch all-terrain tires, an elevated suspension, and a bumper-less frame. These elements will combine to combat drag and ensure a more aerodynamic Baja experience. Combine that with Bilsten 1500 shocks and a newly raised (4.5-inches) chassis to further impress.

This isn’t a truck. This is an icon.

The F250R Super Raptor is currently available in limited release - but we anticipate that strong consumer interest will spark a nationwide campaign.

To learn more about this and other F-150 variants contact us today.

ford f-150 hybrid for sale alberta canadaIt’s a history of electrification. Throughout the decades, Ford has reinvented its fleet - stripping away traditional engines and bolstering the chassis with battery packs and hybrid cells. All of its signature vehicles (including the Fusion, the Escape, the Expedition, and the Focus) have been defined by efficiency.

Will the F-150 soon join them?

Rumors have recently emerged that Ford is considering an all-electric pick-up - with the F-Series’ robust V8 replaced with lithium-ion energy. This news has been met with both acclaim and curiosity, with critics already debating potential specs. The Drive, however, urges caution for the future.... because there are no immediate plans to transform the F-150.

Upon recently examining the capabilities of its battery packs, Ford has determined that the F-150 should (for now) remain a V8 platform. Lithium performance is simply unable to adapt to the trailering demands of North America, and it can’t generate the same responses as the current 2017 version:

Horsepower: Up to 450.
Torque: Up to 510 lb.-ft.
Payloads: 2,329 pounds.
Towing: 10,500 pounds.

An electric platform - while more efficient - would prove ill-suited to the back-roads and would force drivers to compromise their hauling abilities. Until Ford can replicate the success of its 2017 F-150, it will not pursue an alternative engine.

We expect, however, that the high interest in a hybrid pick-up will spur new technological developments - and, hopefully, we’ll be spared a lengthy wait.

Share your thoughts about the possibility of an electric F-150 with us!

With high-style comes an expectation of sedans - chic little cars defined by chic little lines. They’re sophisticated; they’re precise; and they’re thoroughly ill-suited for the world of back-road adventures.

In its quest to change the market, Ford is shattering this tradition - connecting drivers to the performance they need and the design they’ve too often been denied. The 2018 F-150 is coming.

According to Maxim, Ford will soon premiere its latest F-Series model. The 2018 F-150 (scheduled for a fall arrival) will serve as both workhorse and showcase, delivering a bold new look that will impress every driver. Among the fascia changes will be:

Billet-Milled Fenders.

A Twin-Bar Grille.

C-Shaped LED Headlamps.

A Curved Hood.

Chrome Detailing.

Each of these elements was carefully chosen to emphasize the 2018 F-150’s newly extended frame - with Ford highlighting the widened body and elongated front fenders. The effect is undeniably power and will surely catch the eye of every pick-up fan.

It already has our full attention!

No official specs for the 2018 F-150 have yet been revealed - but critics anticipate that Ford will pair its fresh look with a 5.0L V8 and a 10-speed automatic transmission.

To learn more about this and other F-Series models contact us today.

The roads are too often treacherous - with unsteady inclines and shaky sand dunes leaving drivers unable to seek out the horizon. Their pick-ups simply can’t adapt to the ever-changing terrains.

With the release of the 2017 F-150 Raptor, Ford shatters this cycle - delivering a truck that’s been tailored for adventure.

According to New Atlas, the 2017 Raptor now boasts an ultra-high ground clearance (355.6-mm). Pairing large skid plates with a raised suspension, this pick-up can roll over every obstacle. A centralized differential ensures balanced handling, while the military-grade alloy frame has been strengthened. This allows the platform to push through the mud and the muck with ease.

To further delight off-roaders, the new Raptor also boasts a widened wheelbase - allowing it to accommodate 17-inch all-season tires and blaze through every challenge. This, when paired with the laser-measured mud flaps and rain guards, helps to defend against rocky conditions.

We have a sudden urge to find a mountain trail. Want to join us?

The 2017 F-150 Raptor is the premier Baja platform. To learn more about this truck (as well as other F-Series variants) contact our dealership today!
The new year has just begun - but Ford is already planning for 2018, prepping its beloved F-150 for a mid-cycle refresh. North American drivers will soon receive a series of pick-up upgrades, allowing them to greet every challenge with a V6 growl.

According to The Drive, the 2018 F-150 will be subtly transformed - with Ford tweaking both the chassis and powertrain to improve overall performance and economy. High-strength aluminum-alloy will be better utilized, defining an estimated 70% of the paneling and reducing platform weight by more than 500 pounds. A new 10-speed automatic transmission will ensure responsive handling, while the standardized 3.5L engine will feature EcoBoost technology. When combined, these elements will ensure both 375 HP and more than 30 MPGs on the highway!

The 2018 F-150 promises to propel the pick-up market to new heights - adapting to both commercial and all-terrain needs with greater ease. As The Drive notes, the truck will also boast a 240-amp alternator, allowing it to accommodate high-power systems (such as UTV winches or flood lights). There will be no challenge to great for Ford.

To learn more about the 2018 F-150, as well as other F-Series models, contact us today!

March proved to be the month of the pick-up - with the Ford F-Series generating record-breaking sales across the United States and Canada. Bolstered by the strong consumer response to its 2017 F-150 (as well as renewed interest in its commercial vehicles, the F-250 and F-350), the brand secured its place at the top of the charts.

Despite sluggish numbers for its competitors, the F-Series delivered staggering sales last month - experiencing a 10.1% year-to-year increase. Ford earned 81,330 total units, making it the clear winner in the pick-up race:

Chevrolet Silverado: 42,410 total units, 11.6% year-to-year decline.
GM Sierra: 60,870 total units, 14.3% year-to-year decline.
Toyota Tundra: 9,358 total units, 6.4% year-to-year decline.
Nissan Titan: 5,539 total units, 335% year-to-year increase.

While Nissan saw strong gains, its 2017 Titan wasn’t enough to dethrone the F-Series - and Ford (once again) dominated sales. This continues a 40-year tradition of high-performance.

Do you wish to join the F-Series revolution? Visit our dealership today to find the perfect Ford truck - including the F-150, F-250, and F-350. We’ll gladly help you choose a platform that offers extraordinary power and equally extraordinary savings.

The possibilities are endless - with the pick-up market forever crowded, welcoming new arrivals with each year. Mid-duty trucks roll in, bringing with them the promise of power, performance, and all-terrain ease. They are highway workhorses; they are the backbone of North America; and the F-250 reigns above them all.

According to Ford Authority, the 2017 F-250 has just been named the ‘Best 3/4-Ton Vehicle’. This award (which was given by, the venerable review site) proves the enduring dependability of the Super Duty series. No matter how many rivals enter the arena, there is always only one winner.

We’re not surprised. Ford's F-250 delivers impressive power - with its 6.2L V8 engine yielding 385 HP and 430 lb.-ft of torque. The six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission creates deft handling on even the tightest curves, while the twin I-beam axles ensure smooth responses. AdvanceTrac technology provides stability; the available BoxLink system allows for maximum payloads; and the 78.5 cu.-ft of cargo space accommodates every load.

This pick-up has been designed for everyday hauling, towing, and more - making it an obvious choice for North American drivers.

Want to sample the 2017 F-250 Super Duty’s capabilities? Visit our dealership today!
new 2017ford f150 for sale saskatchewan canadaWithin the Ford headquarters is a long corridor - flanked by glass-bottom cases, each stuffed with trophies. Throughout the decades, the brand has secured thousands of accolades.... and, with the release of the 2017 F-150, they’re about to earn one more.

According to the New York Daily News, the 2017 F-150 ranks as the 'Year’s Best Truck'. With its military-grade aluminum body and stout frame, this platform proves adept with every mile - yielding up to 12,200-pounds of towing, up to 2,329-pounds of payload capacity, and a best-in-class cargo box volume of 77.4 cu.-ft. This allows drivers to haul even the toughest of loads.

In need of custom power? The 2017 F-150 boasts three distinct engine options - a 2.7L V6 (325 HP), a 3.5L V6 (375 HP), and a 5.0L V8 (385 HP). Each accommodates mid-duty and heavy-duty demands with ease. Pair this with a new 10-speed automatic transmission for crisp responses on every highway.

Ford has forever dominated the pick-up market - and the 2017 F-150 continues a tradition of premium power. We’re not surprised that this truck has blitzed past the competition and snagged the year’s top prize.

To learn more about this and other F-Series platforms contact us today.

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