How is The Real Estate Agent Finder’s Service free?
Should you decide to engage a real estate agent who has met the selection criteria, we will only charge the real estate company a fee when your property transaction completes. It is important that you know that our terms with the real estate brokers require that our fee to them, does not get passed onto you, the vendor at any stage of the process – so it really is a 100% free service to you.
We specifically focus our research to find and short list the most appropriate real estate professionals for your needs and then refer them to you - you're in control of the decisions, we just do all the ground work for you.

Do you work with all real estate companies?
The answer is no because they do not all meet our stringent criteria.
Simply put, our focus is to find the most appropriate real estate professionals with your specific needs in mind. Regardless of the real estate company they happen to work for.
Why should I contact you instead of simply contacting a real estate brokerage?
The Real Estate Agent Finder impartially provides you with information from multiple real estate professionals. Then you can compare each agent/brokerage and services they offer enabling you to make an informed decision without that feeling of obligation to list with the first company that comes along.
Is The Real Estate Agent Finder nationwide?
Yes, it doesn't matter where you or your home is located, we can provide our service. As well, we also specialize in assisting home sellers living away from their property that needs to be sold. So if you are living in one area but the house you want to sell is located elsewhere, we can still recommend to you an array of professionals to assist in the sale of your property.
Am I obliged to use a real estate agent referred by The Real Estate Agent Finder?
Although we do hope that our vetting criterion will exceed your expectations, there is absolutely no obligation for you to select an agent we have short listed and referred to you and there is no cost to you either. We operate independently and in support of you, the vendor and there is no one solution for every client – our service is tailored to your needs, your property and the environment.
Why Use The Real Estate Agent Finder?
The Real Estate Agent Finder specializes in vetting and finding the most appropriate real estate professionals for home owners looking to sell (or buy). The Real Estate Agent Finder process is a safe way to assist you in the selection of an appropriate real estate professional. You will find us very down to earth, friendly and approachable - we're not real estate agents. We keep real estate agents at bay until you are ready! We have lots of free tips and advice for you that have proven to sell houses much faster and at great prices.

How do you decide which real estate agents to refer?
You should know that we do not keep a 'database' of agents who have contacted us in the hope of getting new listings - this is definitely not a fit with our philosophy. We are very particular about which agents we refer to our clients and estimate that only 10-20% of agents would actually meet our criteria. When a new client contacts us, we research and short list professionals who will meet our expectation for the benefit of our clients. Every client and every house is different so our approach uses a model that uses a specialist short listing criteria.
How long will it take to find me an agent?
In most situations, after we have done our due diligence The Real Estate agent Finder can make referrals to you within 24 to 48 hours. We understand that when a client has made up their mind to sell, they want to get things started promptly so we do all we can to make that happen for you.
Does The Real Estate Agent Finder or the Home Seller choose the agent?
Choosing your real estate professional is very much your decision. What we do is provide you with a ‘shortlist’ of who we feel are the most appropriate for your unique situation. They may be from various brokerages and so you are free to compare their services and marketing strategies. After meeting with each of them and understanding their approach to the sale of your home, you then decide with confidence who is the best fit to help you achieve your goal - that's what it's all about; getting you the best price and making the process as stress free as possible for you.