How A Car Loan Works

How A Car Loan Works

How Applying for a Car Loan With Source Save Money Works
Fast. Free. Simple. That about sums it up.
Okay, so that’s only the CliffsNotes version of how applying for a car loan with Source Save Money works. But we’ve worked hard to streamline the process and make it as absolutely simple as possible, regardless of your credit history.
Here’s how our application process works:
1.    You Choose Your Car Type
Forget aimlessly pouring over classified listings and trekking all about town to different dealerships. We put in the legwork on your behalf! Kicking off the process is as easy as letting us know the kind of car you desire. This will enable us to consult our vast network of partners to find a fit for you at a manageable interest rate and a negotiated volume discount.

Just what are volume fleet discounts, you ask? Well, at SSM we’ve struck up relationships with dealers throughout the United States, flexing our buying power to ensure your vehicle comes with the highest-possible savings. And bear in mind that you’re never “locked in” once you select a car type. This just allows us to get a feel for your needs!
2. You Provide Us Your Basic Contact Details

At this point, we simply ask for some fundamental information. You’ll give us your name, address, phone number and any other relevant contact details. Additionally, you’ll list your current employment, if applicable.

Note that we’ll work with you to secure a car loan regardless of your current or past employment history. Also, our online submission process is 100% secure, takes only several minutes to complete, and gifts us with the knowledge necessary to match you with an appropriate dealership.
3. We Match You With a Dealer

That’s all! Once those first two steps are complete and your application has been submitted in full, we’ll work to match you with a dealer that can cater to your preferred vehicle type, life status/employment situation, and credit rating.
Source Save Money’s consultants or a dealership representative will contact you directly after we’ve matched your application to a certified partner. They will discuss specific car options and work with you to set a monthly payment amount you’re comfortable with managing.
Remember, Source Save Money is a free service. Apply today!

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