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Ford Vehicle News For Saskatchewan Canada
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First impressions are often right - but the 2019 Ranger Lariat defies all assumptions, fusing its mid-size profile with turbocharged capability. Don’t doubt its lean design. This platform can effortlessly accommodate even the heaviest of payloads.

According to AutoBlog, the new Ranger Lariat embraces Ford’s Go Further philosophy. Beneath its hood growls a 2.3L EcoBoost inline-four engine, which yields up to 270 HP and 310 lb.-ft of torque. A turbocharger assures optimal strength, allowing the truck to maneuver across the roughest of roads with ease; while a 10-speed automatic transmission smoothly responds to changing payloads and elevations alike. This suite is further enhanced by the inclusion of exclusive Tow/Haul technology. This affords custom gear ratios, seamlessly adjusting the power-band for maximum performance - and it enables drives to expect more from every mile.

With the release of the 2019 Ranger Lariat Ford redefines the mid-size market. Though this pick-up proves less hulking than its F-Series siblings (it measures 211-inches in length, 86-inches in width, and 71-inches in height), it still delivers the class-leading capability drivers expect. Achieve up to 3,500 pounds of conventional trailering with each press of the pedal.

To learn more about the 2019 Ranger Lariat - or to schedule a test-drive with our team - contact us today.
2019 ford ranger for sale alberta canadaGreat things do indeed come in small packages. With the release of the 2019 Ranger Ford is redefining the compact market - bringing off-road performance and potent four-cylinder power. Prepare, Alberta, for the arrival of the FX2 Package.

According to CNET, the new Ranger delivers exceptional off-road capabilities - with the available FX2 Package bolstering every rev. Anchoring the chassis are 17-inch all-season tires, which feature both durable treading and deep side-walls (effortlessly allowing the platform to scale rough terrain). A front-mounted underbody guard defends against debris; while a specially-tuned suspension connects directly to the central media console, displaying vehicle pitch and roll rates to elevate operator control. An electronically-locked differential further improves performance, yielding more balanced handling on sharp turns.

These features perfectly complement the truck’s rugged engine suite - with the standard twin-scroll 2.3L EcoBoost block generating 270 HP and 310 lb.-ft of torque. Mastering the byways will prove an easy task. 

Curious about the 2019 Ranger and its available FX2 Package? Contact us today to request further information - and don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our service team. These upgrades can be ordered from our dealer showroom at your earliest convenience.
Customize the off-road experience with help from the 2019 Ranger. This Ford pick-up - which is available in XL, XLT, and Lariat trims - promises bespoke performance, providing Alberta drivers a bevy of top-tier accessories. Redefine both the fascia and bed, tailoring every mile to your specific needs.

With the release of the 2019 Ranger Ford is offering more than power to Alberta. It’s also bringing variety - with this platform delivering custom accessories and aftermarket add-ons. Among the most popular options are:

Spray-In Bedliners - protect against dents and dings with this rugged feature, which covers the rear bay in durable vinyl.

Splash Guards - shield the Ranger from debris with front-mounted flaps, which extend along the quarter panels and lower bodysides.

Retractable Tonneau Cover - this automated option serves a dual-purpose: defending the bed against damaging weather and securing cargo and equipment. Its seamless fit ensures that all items are safely tucked from view.

The 2019 Ranger can be tailored for every mile - with Ford delivering a variety of accessories to North America. To learn more about these options (or to schedule a test-drive in one of our currently available pick-ups) contact us today.
Standard no longer proves the death knell of fashion. Instead Ford is pairing its base-level 2019 Ranger XL with a bold look - elevating it from pick-up powerhouse to showroom stunner. Prepare, Alberta, for the ultimate blend of high performance and equally high design.

As New Atlas explains, the 2019 Ranger XL proves far more than an everyday ride. It’s also tailored to impress. Its lean profile - which measures 210.8-inches in length, 85.8-inches in width, and 70.9-inches in height - yields a sporty stance, resting on 17-inch silver-painted aluminum wheels. All-season tires provide a rugged effect, while lip moldings emphasize the SuperCab shape. A steel bumper anchors the front; black-capped side-view mirrors complement the tinted glass; and halogen headlamps flank the sharp fenders.

To further delight fashion fans, the new Ranger XL features an optional 4x4 bash plate - which delivers both all-terrain protection and a striking exposed steel design. This will perfectly contrast to the truck’s eight available colors (which include Lightning Blue, Oxford White, and Hot Pepper Red).

The 2019 Ranger XL brings maximum style to Alberta. To learn more about this Ford pick-up - including further specs or financing information - contact our team today!
Appearances can prove deceiving. This is the truth you’ll learn when you slide into the 2019 Ranger. Despite this platform’s compact size (211-inches in length, 86-inches in width, and 71-inches in height), it yields potent power on the Alberta backroads.

According to, the new Ranger (available in XL, XLT, and Lariat trims) will impress every pick-up fan. Choose the optional 2.3L Ti-VCT Inline-Four engine and experience segment-leading strength, with a maximum towing capacity of 7,500 pounds and a maximum payload capacity of 1,865 pounds. When properly equipped, this platform dominates cargo, offering up to 270 HP and 310 lb.-ft of torque. The 4x4 drivetrain accommodates even the heaviest of hauls, while an electronic 10-speed automatic transmission boasts custom gear settings (allowing operators to seamlessly adapt to hefty trailering demands).

Don’t be fooled by this Ford truck’s lean profile (126.8-inch wheelbase). It - like its F-150 sibling - is tailored for towing, boasting both an electronic shift-on-the-fly console and two-stage linear rate coil springs. Both assure crisp handling on the backroads, responding smoothly to every payload demand.

Want to experience the best in pick-up power? Visit our dealership today to learn more about the 2019 Ranger.

The cost of traveling proves high - with station numbers rising and engines demanding an excess of fuel. You spend most of your day searching for the nearest pump, and every adventure leaves your wallet considerably lighter.

The 2019 Ranger will change this.

According to CNBC, the new Ranger has been tailored for efficiency. Peek beneath the hood of this compact truck and discover a 2.3L EcoBoost. Bolstered by Auto Start-Stop technology (which cuts all block power while idling, thereby reducing gas consumption and improving MPG ratios), this engine will thrill those craving economy. The 16-valve design optimizes sequencing, virtually eliminating costly lag; while a 10-speed automatic transmission utilizes SelectShift functionality to enhance gear transitions and lessen friction. Direct-injection capability promotes smart fuel distribution; and a massive 18-gallon tank accommodates long trips with ease.

These elements combine to ensure class-leading responses - with the Ford Ranger delivering up to 21 MPGs in the city and 27 MPGs on the highway. Prepare to save at the pump, Alberta.

Curious about the 2019 Ranger? Visit our dealership today to request further information about its economical engine suite - and don’t hesitate to also schedule a test-drive with our team.
2019 ford ranger for sale alberta canadaThe terrain proves unkind - a series of ruts and rough turns, all pieced together with uneven pavement. This, you know, will leave your car shaking. A sedan suspension will not be able to handle the backroad onslaught, and you slowly rev away.

We suggest that you chart a course for our dealership - where the 2019 Ranger and its advanced suspension awaits.

According to Car and Driver, the new Ranger (which serves as the successor to the F-150) is ready for every challenge. An independent front suspension pairs long-arms with tubular stabilizer bars, assuring seamless articulation; while the rear is anchored by two-stage leaf springs, which provide balanced responses on sharp turns. Gas-pressurized shock absorbers reduce friction, creating a more refined ride; and integrated trailer sway technology promotes premium control, automatically applying ABS pressure to regulate speed and traction distribution (this system utilizes sensors to recognize when the platform isn’t properly aligned and can intuitively engage the brakes).

Car and Driver notes that the 2019 Ranger also features electric power-assisted steering - which promises nimble column responses and allows operators to more efficiently navigate. When combined with the suspension suite this assures success on every backroad.

Want to experience dynamic control? Visit our dealership today to learn more about the 2019 Ranger.
2019 ford ranger for sale alberta canadaDemand more from the mid-size market than mere power. Instead discover premium comfort - with the 2019 Ranger delivering class-leading convenience. Ford has tailored this truck for riders, rather than just rough roads; and each mile will be paired with supple support.

As CNET explains, the new Ranger proves more than an all-terrain beast. It’s also a family-worthy pick-up - with its cabin boasting both space and comfort. The long wheelbase (126.8-inches) easily accommodates up to four passengers, with ample head (39.8-inches, 35.9-inches), shoulder (55.6-inches, 55.2-inches), and leg (43.1-inches, 30.4-inches) room available. Bucket-style seats offer either cloth or leather; and lumbar support pairs with power adjusters for superior alignments. Optional heating functions bolster the cushions, while dual-zone climate controls promotes precise temperatures. The column features tilting/telescoping capabilities, allowing drivers to customize their steering angles; and an excess of soft-touch materials, including Nubuck Edge carpeting, ensures a luxurious experience.

To further emphasize comfort, the 2019 Ranger also features an Intelligent Access console. Experience push-button control over the engine and climate systems - eliminating the need for clumsy keys. All entries are seamless and quick, enabling drivers to more efficiently start their adventures.

Want to experience the best in mid-size styling? Visit our dealership today to learn more about the new Ford Ranger!
2019 ford ranger for sale alberta canadaTake control of every mile in the 2019 Ranger. This Ford pick-up (which is the smaller, but no less potent, cousin of the F-150) makes an auspicious return to Alberta, connecting drivers to all-terrain performance and seamless capability. Go Further indeed.

According to Wards Auto, Ford is bringing off-road power to the mid-size market - pairing its 2019 Ranger with the available FX4 Package. This bolsters every sequence, utilizing a suite of advanced technologies to improve handling and increase control. An electronic differential anchors the rear, enhancing traction through its exclusive locking functionality; while electric power-assisted steering promotes crisp handling. Deep-treaded tires yield an impressive stance, taking advantage of the truck’s sporty dimensions (211-inches in length, 86-inches in width, and 72-inches in height); and mono-tube shocks have been specially tuned for rough terrains, increasing the suspension’s overall flexibility.

Worried about those unfamiliar paths? The Ranger will accommodate them all, pairing a front-mounted steel bash plate with integrated skids. These protect the truck against debris, ensuring that the motor, transfer case, and fuel tank are all shielded.

The 2019 Ranger proves ready for off-road fun in Alberta. To learn more about this Ford pick-up (including further specs and financing information) visit our dealership today.

Long months have passed - with drivers hunched next to their calendars, fingers burdened with the weight of their pens. They’ve been anxiously waiting for news of the 2019 Ranger’s arrival; and they're poised to scribble down the date, not wanting to risk losing a single second.

Breathe a sigh of relief, Alberta: the 2019 Ford Ranger is on its way… and we have the ordering date!

As TFL Truck explains, the ordering date for the new Ranger have been revealed. On August 13th Ford will begin accepting submissions for the platform - with the intention of getting all requests fulfilled by early 2019. This leaves mere months for drivers to ready themselves for the buying frenzy.

After all, who can resist this compact powerhouse?

Anchoring the 2019 Ranger will be a 2.3L EcoBoost engine - complemented by an aluminum-forged crankshaft and double-roller timing chains. A 10-speed automatic transmission promises smooth handling on the backroads (a low-to-high gear range is anticipated to optimize the redline on every terrain); while a rugged steel-infused bed will accommodate even the heaviest payloads. An electronic locking differential will ensure superior balance, engaging the rear axle to counter under-steerage; and Trail Control technology will enable Baja-fun, utilizing both speed moderation and automatic braking to maintain precise traction.

The 2019 Ranger will prove perfect for every adventure. Get ready for the ultimate compact option!

To learn more about this pick-up contact us today.

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