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Ford Vehicle News For Saskatchewan Canada
A red 2022 Ford Maverick equipped with the First Edition Package and posed against a white background.Upgrade the mid-size experience. The 2022 Ford Maverick has arrived in Saskatchewan - and it’s delivering more than PHEV performance. Instead drivers can fuse it with an exclusive First Edition Package, injecting bold design into every adventure. 

As Motor Biscuit explains, the new Ford Maverick dazzles on the highway and at the pump - with its available 2.5L hybrid engine yielding up to 191 HP, 155 lb.-ft of torque, and an impressive economy rating of 6.3 L/100km (Combined). The available First Edition, however, will thrill those who crave more than capability.

Offered on the Lariat trim, this package fuses the exterior with a striking black top. Painted skull caps anchor the heated side-view mirrors, while a power moonroof yields a sporty touch. Custom decals flank the sides, and a tonneau cover is added to the rear (allowing for more efficient cargo storage). This suite pairs perfectly with the Maverick, complementing its metallic grille and standard 18-inch aluminum wheels. It will impress from every angle.

Curious about the 2022 Maverick and its available First Edition Package? Contact Novlan Bros today for further information - and don’t hesitate to request a test-drive in one of our available Ford models. 
A red 2022 Ford Ranger towing a speedboat up a steep curve, with rocks and trees in the background.Mid-size styling doesn’t compromise all-terrain hauling. The 2022 Ranger delivers superior power to Saskatchewan, utilizing class-defining technologies to dominate payloads. To learn more about this Ford truck - including financing options - contact Novlan Bros today.

Available in SuperCab, SuperCrew, and Tremor SuperCrew configurations, the new Ranger affords premium power. When properly equipped with the Trailer Tow Package, it boasts a hauling capacity of 3,401 kg (7,200 pounds) and a maximum payload output of 769 kg. An available 4/7 pin connector bolsters the hitch, while four tie-downs hooks are found in the bed. A power-locking tailgate affords quick access to the rear, allowing drivers to access cargo with ease; and front-mounted tow hooks further impress. 

Also offered on the new Ranger is a 10-speed automatic transmission - which features an integrated Tow/Haul Mode. This setting utilizes an optimized gear progression (as well as wide-span spacing) to enhance performance, creating a smooth transition as payload weights increase. Deftly accommodate cargo on the highway, the trails, and everywhere in between. 

The 2022 Ranger proves a perfect option for those demanding ample power - without the equally ample profile. To learn more about it contact Novlan Bros today; and don’t hesitate to also schedule a test-drive in one of our currently available Ford vehicles. 
In the distance comes a rumble - that tell-tale rev of a diesel, that familiar burst of exhaust. The 2022 Ford Ranger is rolling off assembly lines, and the global market is rejoicing its arrival.

Will North American drivers share their delight?


According to Motor One, the 2022 Ranger has been revealed - with Ford pairing this platform with two diesel powertrain suites. The first is a robust 3.0L V6, which boasts twin-turbocharged capabilities and an on-demand 4WD to enhance all-terrain responses. This assures a class-leading output of 247 HP and 443 lb.-ft of torque, with the compact pick-up deftly adapting to any demand.

Also available for the new Ranger is a 2.0L diesel block. This single-turbo configuration yields 168 HP and 300 lb.-ft of torque, while its standard 10-speed automatic transmission and optional seven drive-modes afford precise handling on rough terrain.

Will these two engine suites be offered to North American consumers? Critics - thankfully - believe that they will. An anticipated 2023 launch should see the new Ranger arrive in Canada, with the diesel blocks proving a perfect option for the North Battleford backroads.

To learn more about this pick-up - including additional specs or financing information - contact our team today.
A white 2022 Ford Ranger equipped with the STX Package and parked on a mountain-side. A rider on a dirt bike is pulling up beside it.Inject some colour into every adventure. The 2022 Ford Ranger will soon reveal its exclusive Splash Packages to Alberta drivers - with Snow, Forest, and Sand Editions offered. These suites (which draw inspiration from their 1990s predecessors) are certain to impress on the highway and trails alike.

According to CNET, the new Ranger will offer three bold new Splash Packages. Each will deliver a sleek look from every angle, blending custom colours with chic detailing.

Snow Edition

Available for the 2022 Lariat trim, the Snow Edition will boast a striking taupe design (the official colour name is Avalanche). Gray accents will anchor the doors and grille, while the mirrors will be capped in black. 

Forest Edition

Offered on the 2022 Ranger XLT, the Forest Edition will prove aptly named - featuring a rich green exterior. Bold red trim will flank the grille to create a modern contrast, while complementary black accents will punctuate the doors and windows.

Sand Edition

Also available for the new XLT trim is the Sand Edition. This package features an exclusive Desert Sand paint, along with metallic accents and red trim across the grille. A silver valance adds a sophisticated touch.

The 2022 Ranger will delight with its range of Splash Packages. To learn more about these exterior upgrades contact us today.
A black Ford emblem posed against a white background.Achieve a bold look on the highway. The 2022 Ford line-up is receiving a style upgrade - with a new Black Oval badge available. Transform F-150, Ranger, and Super Duty models with an exclusive add-on kit.

According to Ford Authority, the Big Blue Oval is changing its signature colour. A dark emblem will now be offered on 2022 models, serving as a complement to the available Black Appearance Package (offered on the Ranger XLT and Lariat; F-150 XL STX, XLT, Lariat, and Platinum; and Super Duty XLT and Lariat). This option - which will anchor both the front and rear - will prove a striking addition to every adventure, bolstering the included high-gloss aluminum wheels, valances, and capped side-view mirrors. 

Not yet ready to trade your older pick-up for a 2022 model? Ford Authority reports that an exclusive black oval kit will be offered to used pick-ups - including the 2019-2021 Ranger, 2018-2021 F-150, and 2020-2021 Super Duty. Seamlessly replace the traditional blue emblems with front and rear options (and take advantage of the integrated camera system that’s anchored beneath. This wide-angle suite enhances the parking process, providing drivers with high-resolution output and real-time gridline support). 

To learn more about the available Black Oval Package contact our team today.
A new age of pixel fun is about to begin. Ford is ushering in a sharper, crisper experience for the commercial market - fusing its 2022 Ranger with an upgraded infotainment suite. 

According to Ford Authority, the new Ranger will redefine digital expectations: offering Saskatchewan two vertical-style Sync 4 displays. These (which measure a standard 10.1-inches and an optional 12-inches) will afford seamless access to information, integrating control buttons directly onto the screen and enabling operators to quickly scroll through content. Adaptive dash-cards will highlight popular applications, while the high-resolution colours will impress. Voice-activated commands will further enhance engagements, as shown in the video below. 

Additionally, the vertical displays will be equipped with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technology - allowing drivers to efficiently interact with their devices. Stream music; receive and answer calls; and utilize GPS navigation software with the press of a dash-card. Furthermore, the replacement of a traditional horizontal display assures improved clarity and user ease, with the display configured for quick engagements. Content connections will be seamless.

With the unveiling of the 2022 Ranger and its revised infotainment system, Ford is bringing superior convenience to the pick-up market. To learn more about this platform (or to schedule a test-drive in one of our available models) contact our team today.
Shatter expectations in the 2022 Maverick. This Ford pick-up - which has arrived at Novlan Bros. dealership - fuses compact styling with all-wheel precision, allowing Saskatchewan drivers to deftly dominate every terrain.

With the unveiling of the new Maverick Ford delivers superior performance. Available for this pick-up is an Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive system, which can seamlessly accommodate changing conditions. At the front find an Independent MacPherson strut-type suspension, which pairs coil springs with an aluminum lower control arm to assure smooth handling. Twin-tube hydraulic shocks anchor every rev, reducing friction; while stabilizer bars further enhance responses. 

At the rear sits a multi-link trailing arm configuration - which utilizes gas-pressurized dampers and a steel cast knuckle to bolster performance on sudden curves or inclines. The Maverick’s AWD suspension affords superior handling, allowing the truck to achieve an approach angle of 21.6 degrees, a departure angle of 21.2 degrees, and minimum ground clearance of 8.6 inches (compare this to the standard FWD’s 8.3 inches). Optional A/T tires and 18-inch wheels complete the package.

Assure peerless control in Saskatchewan, with the 2022 Ford Maverick nimbly adapting to any challenge. To learn more about this pick-up - including specs and financing information - contact our team today.
Pick-up fans, rejoice: the 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor has been spied… and critics believe that it will soon make its way to the North American sales chart. 

According to Motor One, the 2022 Ranger Raptor was recently seen driving through Colorado. Though heavily camouflaged, this platform still presented the tell-tale signs of a next-gen beast - delivering the signature dual-exhaust outlets and raised suspension. All-season tires were spotted, shredding a path through the dirt; while a revised rear axle was glimpsed, along with a new front grille. The square profile and compact bed further lent credibility to the rumour that this would serve as Canada's introduction to Ford’s leading compact (which, until now, has been reserved for international audiences, as shown in the video below).

Motor One was also quick to note that the Ranger Raptor was hauling a sizable trailer during its Colorado test-run. No exact payload measurements were provided, but most anticipate that it will exceed the current model’s 3,500 pounds. This will ensure superior power on the backroads, allowing Alberta drivers to haul every ATV item with ease. 

Curious about the 2022 Ranger Raptor? Contact our team today to learn more about this Ford platform - including potential production schedules and North American release dates. 
June ends with hot weather and exciting news. Critics are abuzz with the rumour that Ford will debut a fresh engine suite for the 2022 Ranger Raptor - one that would deliver class-leading performance with each press of the pedal.

According to Muscle Cars and Trucks, the much-envied Ranger Raptor (which has only been available in limited international markets) should come to North America for the 2022 sales year… and it may bring a new engine with it. A 3.0L V6 should replace the current four-cylinder option; and its use of twin-turbo technology, along with a ten-speed automatic transmission, could yield impressive capability. Estimated power ratios extend up to 400 HP and 415 lb.-ft of torque (shattering the current 210 HP and 390 lb.-ft of torque); while the rumoured 9.5:1 compression output promises smooth sequencing. 

The 2022 Ranger Raptor will redefine the mid-size market - offering the dynamic handling Alberta drivers crave. Bolstered by direct-acting mechanical bucket valves and a sturdy cast-aluminum design, this truck will ensure maximum performance.

Want to see what the backroad experience could look like? Check out the video below!

To share your thoughts about the 2022 Ranger Raptor and its 3.6L engine contact us today.
new ford ranger truck for sale alberta canadaIs hybrid performance coming to the mid-size market? Alberta critics are holding their collective breath, hoping that rumours (for once) prove true. 

According to Motor One, Ford is considering a new hybrid vehicle: the 2022 Ranger. Recent spy-photos from the brand’s Australian testing grounds (along with a series of leaked spec publications) hint at the arrival of an electric pick-up option - one that could potentially make its way to North America. Details are scarce, but the few that have been gleaned by critics promise dynamic performance.

The 2022 Ranger will - if rumours are to be believed - boast a 2.3L turbocharged engine. While this four-cylinder option will deliver potent power on its own, critics are most intrigued by the possibility of a supplemental electric motor - which will raise the total performance output to 372 HP and 502 lb.-ft of torque (compare this to the model’s current 270 HP and 310 lb.-ft of torque). A plug-in port will anchor the side, enabling drivers to quickly charge the system; and a pure EV range of more than 16 kilometres is anticipated.

Ford has yet to officially add the 2022 Ranger hybrid to its production schedule - but Alberta critics are certain this platform will make an appearance in the coming years.

What do you think about this pick-up possibility? Share your opinions with our team today!

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