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2021 Ford Explorer Injects High-Performance Into BC Market

Achieve peerless power in BC - courtesy of the 2021 Explorer. This crossover (available in XL, Limited, ST, and Platinum trims) is bolstered by both terrain management technology and 4WD precision. This assures confident handling on the backroads, with drivers taking advantage of custom performance modes, Class III trailering, and ample navigational support. No trail will prove too challenging. 
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2021 Ford Explorer: Performance Specs

Anchored by three class-leading engine suites - the 2.3L EcoBoost, the 3.0L V6, and the 3.3L Hybrid - the new Explorer assures optimal power in BC. Achieve up to 2,540-kg of trailering, while an available 380 lb.-ft of torque will thrill. Additionally, Intelligent 4WD is offered to deliver superior traction on the trails.
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2021 Ford Explorer: Available Packages

Tailor every adventure with help from the 2021 Explorer. Ford connects drivers to a variety of available upgrades - including the Class III Trailer Tow Package, the Co-Pilot360 Assist Package, and the 202A Group - to improve the backroad experience. Transform this SUV into a custom powerhouse. 
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2021 Ford Explorer Available In BC, Canada

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