A banner with a race track circuit to promote Skaha Ford’s third annual Track Day on Thursday, June 2, 2022, at Area 27 Motorsports Park in Oliver, BC

Get Fired Up For The Ultimate Rally Experience: Sign-up For Skaha Ford’s Exclusive Track Day in BC

Drivers, start your engines – the green flag has been waved for Skaha Ford’s third annual Track Day, which is scheduled for Thursday, June 2, 2022!

This exclusive invitation-only event promises to deliver full-throttle excitement to South Okanagan, BC, where a limited number of motorsport enthusiasts will tear up the track at the Area 27 Motorsports Park.

This luxury sports complex features a 4.83-km professional circuit that will get your adrenaline flowing with 109 metres of multiple on-course elevation changes that follow the area’s natural terrain. All 16 twists and turns push the limits for speed, agility and handling, providing drivers with an authentic taste of pure rally car fun. This Jacques Villeneuve-designed course also features an 800-metre straightaway to generate high-speed thrills and 11 degrees of carousel banking at turn seven for a genuine Grand Prix experience.

Spots are limited to provide drivers with a one-of-a-kind motorsport event. Don't delay because tickets will sell out!

Event Details
Date: Thursday, June 2, 2022
Location: Area 27 Motorsports Park in Oliver, BC
Price: $530 per driver
What’s Included: Access to the Area 27 facilities and track, lunch and refreshments

Before experiencing the truest form of motorsport at Area 27, have your vehicle inspected to ensure your car’s safety and bolster your abilities in the driver’s seat. Our experts at Skaha Ford’s Service Department will get your ride racetrack-ready by examining the engine, gearbox, cooling system, brakes, tires, suspension, fluids and more. Put your vehicle through its paces while enjoying optimal performance.

Do you need to upgrade your ride before our third annual Track Day? Stop into Skaha Ford to experience our wide inventory of sports cars, including the Mustang coupe, convertible or fastback. This pony car has been painstakingly engineered with the modern racer in mind, ensuring optimum performance on the road and track.

Tickets are on sale now! To learn more about Skaha Ford’s Track Day or to secure a position on the grid, contact our team at: rjinjoe@skahaford.com.

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