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2021 Ford Mustang Dominates BC, Canada

Timeless style, next-gen performance - the 2021 Ford Mustang proves the best of all worlds. This painstakingly engineered pony-car has been designed with the modern driver in mind: ensuring optimum power on the track, the highway, or the suburbs.

Available in both EcoBoost and GT configurations, the new Mustang will thrill in BC. Discover up to 480 HP and 420 lb.-ft of torque; while the seamless 10-speed automatic transmission delivers smooth control on even the sharpest curves. This pony is ready to run.
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2021 Ford Mustang: Performance in BC

Anchored by either a 2.3L inline-four or a 5.0L V8, the new Mustang proves a dynamic option on the highway. Experience the steady sequencing of direct-acting mechanical buckets, or upgrade the experience with roller finger followers and sequential multi-port injection. These suites can be tailored for any performance demand.
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2021 Ford Mustang: Package Options in BC

Craving a bespoke experience in BC? The new Ford Mustang offers ample packages to enhance both power (2.3L High-Performance, GT Performance) and style (Wheel and Stripe, Black Accent). Customize your pony-car with help from these dynamic options, and upgrade any trim to meet your specific needs.
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2021 Ford Mustang In BC, Canada

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