India's Smart Cities Opportunities 

eGateway to India provides you with a simple, way to discover and connect with great Companies, Businesses and India-based projects that are looking for experience, expertise and proven results in our Canadian markets.  You choose which area you are interested in, and we walk you through the entire process.


Canada Smart Solutions

eGateway to India fills a gap in the early-stage finding contacts cycle for businesses operating in the International landscape by giving innovative entrepreneurs and their businesses more efficient access to a larger pool of buyers and RFP's worldwide.

The challenge for Canadian SMEs operating in the international arena is one of limited resources.


Collaborative Research

We employ bleeding edge data science technologies combined with machine learning to deliver the best matchmaking efforts between companies and projects.


Using innovation, collaboration and technology to capitalize on India’s Smart Cities Program

crowdfunding resort real estate

DISCOVER  the top  opportunities, innovators and innovations

Revenue producing commercial and residential developments, including retail, industrial, multi-family and resort properties need green tech.


CONNECT with business partners, government officials and researchers 

The Internet of things, financial tech, robotics, hardware, software, mobile, internet, consumer tech, medical tech, and wearables.


execute  deals that make a difference

New, redesigned or substantially improved goods or services, or product upgrades of new components, materials or functions.


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