The Opportunity

The eGateway to India will address these issues, enabling a focused, disciplined, committed strategy by leveraging technology within this platform to creating an innovative trading platform. Using data science combined with machine learning type of bridging mechanism will identify key needs of the Smart Cities Mission and match them with BC companies and institutions creating commercial transactions and global opportunities.

Utilizing state of the art content management, big data, and analytics we help companies act more strategically and create a soft-landing spot for Canadian companies in India. Concurrently we will help the Indian Government and companies identify strategic investment opportunities in BC.

Specifically, there is a perfect match between what India is looking for and what BC can offer in the areas of digital, green technology and smart infrastructure both in BC and Federal Government as key growth areas for cluster development and export. 

Consequently, we provide a unique opportunity to connect the Indian Smart Cities Mission and B.C.’s position as the gateway to the AsiaAsia-Pacific economies to bridge the economic chasm faster and further to the advantage of both sides of the trade equation.

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