The New Capital Market

Silver Maple is an innovative financial social media company focused on private companies in Canada. We address The Key Issue in the Venture space: Access to Capital. We use innovative Multi-Source finance solutions attracting Angel Investors, Venture Capital, other eligible investors under applicable (provincial) securities law and Government Incentives. We are creating a New Capital Market for startups and young ventures. 



We help ventures get ready to raise funding for their business. We connect private companies with the broader investor community. We do funding and investment transactions supported by technology based on Simplicity, Transparency, and Value for All Parties.


Our Team is a unique blend of business, finance and technology professionals. We emphasize the use of technology and social media to connect companies and investors. We work with premier legal, social media, issuer and investor services providers.

Energy & Environment

Energy is at the heart of everybody's quality of life. The global population and energy needs increase hand-in-hand and the current fossil-fuel based energy system is not sustainable. We support an active transition from conventional energy sources to sustainable and renewable energy sources. <MORE>


Water: the oil of the future.  Water technology companies, are finding ways to make the 99% of the earth's water that we can't drink (seawater, waste water, polluted water) safe for use. We support these companies in promoting their business and raising capital. <MORE>

Technology & Digital Media

Technology & Digital Media is all around us. It drives our lives in so many ways. Investment capital in the technology sector creates global opportunities that can span the globe. We help fund realization and promotion of new digital technologies and applications. <MORE>


The entertainment industry is vast and is a reflection of the society we live in. It is about art and passion, in a creative industry which can move and change quickly. We believe that Entertainment is an industry which can be typically funded by professional investors but also by the audience and fans. <MORE>


We are developing an investment-based funding platform for investing in private companies.

The platform connects companies with the wider investor community including Angel Investors, Venture Capital and other eligible investors under applicable (provincial) securities legislation.

Enabling companies to attract funding from the broader investor community.

Help companies to maximize investor interest in order to get the best funding deal. <MORE>

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