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Power Steering Maintenance for Medium-Duty Trucks in Westbank

It's a series of whining noises any time you turn the wheel. Your steering feels slow to respond and stiff in your hands. You may believe that your power steering pump is performing without issue – but the warning signs tell otherwise. If left unmaintained, failure is likely – and the safety of your passengers is compromised.This is why Skaha Ford in BC offers power steering scheduled maintenance to Westbank commercial fleets.When you...


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Book a Tire Rotation This Spring in Oliver

Keeping up with your Ford’s scheduled maintenance is essential to a safe and enjoyable ride. However, many Oliver drivers fail to complete regular tire rotations, which leads to premature wear and replacements. Instead, give your vehicle the...


Wheel Balancing for Hedley Medium-Duty Commercial Fleets

Poor fuel economy, premature tread wear, and annoying vibrations are symptoms that commercial truck operators in Hedley, BC, never want – or need – to experience. Having your wheels balanced not only saves your fleet money from rising fuel costs...


Schedule A Cooling System Inspection in Westbank

Hot weather and traffic jams – a reality that drivers in Westbank, BC, face each summer. Whether commuting, carpooling or enjoying family road trips, you don’t want to be slowed down by poor vehicle performance. That’s why regular coolant system...