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Wheel Balancing for Hedley Medium-Duty Commercial Fleets

Poor fuel economy, premature tread wear, and annoying vibrations are symptoms that commercial truck operators in Hedley, BC, never want – or need – to experience. Having your wheels balanced not only saves your fleet money from rising fuel costs and tire replacements, but it ensures you and your crew a more comfortable ride – something your hard-working fleet deserves.This is why Skaha Ford offers wheel balancing services for...


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Schedule A Cooling System Inspection in Westbank

Hot weather and traffic jams – a reality that drivers in Westbank, BC, face each summer. Whether commuting, carpooling or enjoying family road trips, you don’t want to be slowed down by poor vehicle performance. That’s why regular coolant system...


How Often Should Oliver Drivers Have Their Headlights Checked?

Long nights, dark roads - commercial drivers in Oliver, BC find themselves forever moving forward. Payloads care nothing for the night, and tasks must be completed (no matter how late the hour). The need for perfectly functioning headlamps, therefore,...


Westbank Drivers: Schedule An Air Filter Change Today

High-performance demands more than supercharged engine suites. Instead preventative care is needed - with commercial drivers seeking to assess, correct, and improve their vehicles with scheduled maintenance. Skaha Ford embraces this philosophy,...