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A dark blue 2020 Ram 1500 parked in a warehouse.

2020 Ram 1500 Delivers Award-Winning Luxury to Langley Market

Redefine all pick-up expectations. While the 2020 Ram 1500 proves an undeniable powerhouse - delivering up to 395 HP and 480 lb.-ft of torque - it brings more to the Langley, BC marketplace than mere strength. Instead it embraces luxury, with its meticulously crafted interior now reigning supreme.

The 2020 Ram 1500 has just been named Luxury Car Of The Year.

Cars.com recently unveiled its list of the market’s most luxurious vehicles - and, while the usual European contenders (such as BMW and Mercedes Benz) received recognition, it was the Ram 1500 that proved the true winner. This platform’s Limited and Laramie Longhorn trims were deemed exceptional; and no other pick-ups could compete with their premium materials, custom design configurations, and dynamic infotainment upgrades. 

No longer are sedans the only choice for Langley-area sophisticates. Instead Ram is revving toward total luxury domination.

Ten Reasons Why The 2020 Ram 1500 Will Impress Langley Drivers

Achieve unprecedented style in the new 1500. This Ram platform has been tailored to delight - with engineers fusing every stitch with precision, elegance, and comfort. The BC backroads will never be the same.
Close-up of the 2020 Ram 1500's door panel, with open pore wood and leather materials showcased.

Genuine Materials

Indulge in each BC adventure, taking advantage of the 1500’s well-appointed interior. Sumptuous Natura Plus leather now defines the seats and side-panels, while genuine open-pore wood accents assure a chic effect. This award-winning cabin will impress from any angle.
View of the 2020 Ram 1500's interior, with two rows of leather seats on display.

Custom Design

Create a bespoke driving experience in the new 1500. Ram has fused this truck with a bevy of style options, including trim combinations (Indigo and Light Frost Beige or Black and Cattle Tan deliver striking contrasts), metallic accents (stamped aluminum bezels complement every stitch) and custom finishes (satin-gloss textures add depth to the genuine wood-grain).
Interior view of 2020 Ram 1500, with two rows of tan and blue leather seats on display (as well as the steering wheel, dashboard, and side windows).

Ample Dimensions

The 2020 1500 promises exceptional comfort, with its expansive cabin easily accommodating riders and cargo alike. Take advantage of 132 cu.-ft of total passenger volume, with class-leading headroom (1039-mm in the front, 996-mm in the rear) and legroom (1039-mm in the front, 904-mm in the rear) available.
Top-view of a 202 Ram 1500, with a digital rendering of how its noise cancelling function works.

Silent Cabin

No longer dread highway chaos. Instead block it out with help from the new 1500. Acoustic glass pairs with a scooped hood to divert wind noise, while stereo speakers are mounted strategically to amplify interior volume (and simultaneously reduce exterior echoes). This delivers a 56.7 dBa audio level and assures a more inviting cabin.
Interior view of 2020 Ram 1500, with blue and tan leather seats displayed on both rows.

Recline and Relax

The passenger experience now proves inviting, with Ram pairing the 2020 1500 with reclining rear seats. This technology - which is a first for the light-duty market - provides an eight-degree incline, utilizing each available millimetre of space to ensure comfort. Combine this feature with optional multi-level cushion climate controls to optimize every journey.
Interior view of 2020 Ram 1500, with black leather seats and center storage console displayed.

An Excess Of Storage

Organize items with ease in the new 1500. Ram has carefully positioned a variety of storage options (including available floor-mounted bins, dual glove boxes, and integrated door pockets with LED lighting support) to assure quick access to all cargo. This creates 151.1-litres of available space and accommodates every rider need.
A black 2020 Ram 1500 parked in a desert environment, with mountains and a sunset in the background.

A Smooth Ride

No matter how rough the road, the 2020 1500 will deliver seamless handling - utilizing both an advanced coil-over shock configuration and five-link springs to reduce terrain friction. This platform promises crisp articulation with each press of the pedal, and that translates to a more comfortable interior experience.
Interior view of 2020 Ram 1500 with sunroof and front head-rests visible.

Dual-Pane Sunroof

Discover BC beauty in the new Ram 1500. An available dual-pane sunroof spans 10 square feet (1,107-mm by 846-mm) and affords spectacular views from every angle. It also serves as a ventilation system, opening with the press of a button to provide extra air while traveling the backroads.
Interior view of 2020 Ram 1500, with infotainment system and dashboard displayed.

Oversized Infotainment

A class-leading 12-inch touchscreen anchors the 2020 1500. This high-resolution display boasts split-panel functionality and pinch-to-zoom control, allowing drivers to seamlessly engage with their favourite content; while a complementary wireless charging pad and five USB ports further ensure easy device syncing. 
Close-up of a 2020 Ram 1500 speaker.

Symphony-Worthy Sound

A 900-watt stereo system is available for the new 2020 Ram, offering BC drivers segment-leading sound. Utilize this Harmon Kardon console (and its 19 integrated speakers) to achieve a 360-degree listening experience, with every base-line proving rich, deep, and resonating.

2020 Ram 1500 Fuses Langley Adventures With Luxury

No longer is the pick-up market defined by clumsily designed interiors. Instead Ram has reinvented the backroad experience - pairing its new 1500 with the style and comfort passengers deserve. Compromise is truly a thing of the past.

Perhaps best of all, now you can add a new Ram truck to your garage—the MotorTrend Truck of the Year for three years in a row and a 2020 J.D. Power award-winner—for a starting price of only $28,888!

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