Ford Vehicle Service Information In Penticton BC
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2020 ford super duty for sale penticton bcAugust has arrived - and we’re greeting it with extended savings. Our exclusive service promotions (Complete Vehicle Inspection and Air Conditioning Performance Check, Evaluation, and Recharge) will continue!

Due to the overwhelming response we’ve received from Penticton drivers, we have decided to add another month of value to our service specials - with August 31st now serving as the new deadline. This provides our customers with the time they need to secure support that is both custom and comprehensive.

Schedule an appointment with our Service Department today to take advantage of our available deals. We'll ensure that your vehicle is primed for every summer adventure.

2020 ford edge for sale penticton bcJuly is coming to an end - and so are our service specials. On the 31st we will bid farewell to savings, leaving Penticton drivers with little time to take advantage of factory-rated repairs.

Visit our Service Department to request an exclusive special - the Complete Vehicle Inspection or the Air Conditioning Performance Check, Evaluation, and Recharge. Both will be conducted by our trained technicians, assuring peerless care and custom support. Allow us to examine your vehicle, identify concerns, and deliver solutions that will maximize outputs (without minimizing your budget).

Schedule an appointment before July 31st to ensure a perfect summer driving experience.

2020 ford edge for sale penticton bcHurry, Penticton: time is running out. Soon our exclusive Service Specials - the Complete Vehicle Inspection and the Air Conditioning Performance Check, Evaluation, and Recharge - will come to an end, leaving only days to take advantage of comprehensive care and low prices.

Visit our Service Department to discover these promotions. Both assure road-worthy support, helping drivers achieve optimal performance outputs; and they’ve been tailored for the budget-conscious, with their costs ($99.95 for the Vehicle Inspection and $399.95 for the Air Conditioning Evaluation) slashed for the summer.

Don’t miss out on these seasonal savings. Schedule an appointment by July 31st to enhance your car’s capabilities.
2020 ford escape for sale penticton bcIt’s a series of troubling symptoms - with a transmission grinding, gears sluggishly transitioning, and sudden sputters of power. Your car is wheezing through each day, and you find even the smallest hills impossible to conquer.

We think it’s time for a transmission flush.

Visit our Service Department to see if your system is in need of some liquid relief. We will examine the transmission, noting both the condition and amount of oil present; and, if we detect a blockage, we will then flush all remnants out - ensuring that the particle build-up of grit, grime, and sludge is completely eliminated. This will restore your vehicle’s performance capabilities (just in time for a summer adventure).

Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

ford air conditioning repair service penticton bcAugust will soon arrive - and with it will come hot days and warmer nights. It’s imperative, therefore, that Penticton drivers hurry to our dealership. There they’ll find the relief they need.

Don’t miss out on the Air Conditioning Performance Check.

From now until July 31st 2019 take advantage of this exclusive promotion - with our Service Department performing a comprehensive examination of your vehicle. Ford-trained technicians will ensure that all components are functioning at optimal levels; and, if an issue is detected, a custom solution will be created. Our team will evaluate and enhance your system… just in time for an August heat-wave.

Schedule an appointment with our Service Department to begin.
ford vehicle service repairs penticton bcAre those summer adventures less fun than you planned - with your vehicle refusing to deliver the performance you crave? If so, don’t waste your time in frustration. Instead schedule an appointment with our Service Department to see if a filter change is needed.

An engine filter is all too easy to forget - but its importance can’t be denied. When performing at less than optimal levels, this part will undermine every kilometre. Penticton drivers can expect:

Decreased economy - with contaminants blocking the filter and impeding air flow.
Weak ignitions - with pollutants interfering with spark plug connections and causing corrosion.
A potent odour - with fuel remnants clinging to the filter and overheating.

Don't suffer through these filter symptoms. Instead visit us today to schedule a change.
ford vehicle service repairs penticton bcSummer travels promise more than memories. They also bring debris - with your car accumulating endless dust, pollen, and highway particles. These elements may prove microscopic, but the havoc they can wreak on a radiator system is potent. They contaminate the coolant, rendering it unable to properly regulate temperatures; and they cause the liquid to harden, creating a build-up of potentially dangerous metals.

This is why we recommend visiting our Service Department. Our team will examine your vehicle’s radiator, performing a coolant flush to ensure that all components are calibrated for extended summer fun. Scale will be removed; the water pump will be lubricated; and potential leaks will be identified, helping to provide a more efficient experience.

To schedule a coolant flush contact our Service Department today.

2020 ford f150 for sale penticton bcSearching for summer savings? Visit our Service Department today and discover the Complete Vehicle Inspection Event.

This exclusive promotion allows drivers to maximize their budget and optimize their vehicle - offering a comprehensive assessment of all exterior, interior, and powertrain components for only $99.95. Let our team carefully inspect your ride, ensuring that it’s ready for the road. We’ll generate a full report, highlighting both the good and the potentially problematic; and we’ll help you understand how best to proceed this season, providing custom repair strategies and on-site quotes.

The Complete Vehicle Inspection Event lasts until July 31st, 2020. Schedule an appointment with our team today!

2020 ford explorer for sale penticton bcHot weather demands a cool solution. Ensure that your vehicle is ready for summer by scheduling an Air Conditioning Performance Check today.

Visit our Service Department to take advantage of this exclusive event. Available from now until July 31st, 2020, the Air Conditioning Performance Check ensures optimal seasonal responses. Our team will conduct a series of evaluations, assessing compressor outputs, expansion valve pressure levels, filter effectiveness, and more; and we’ll quickly identify any potential concerns to deliver a custom repair strategy. Allow us to redefine your summer experience.

The Air Conditioning Performance Check is available for $399.95 (refrigerant included if needed). Schedule an appointment today.

ford service repairs near penticton bcSummer travels demand long hours and many kilometres. Ensure you’re ready to face them all by taking advantage of our Complete Vehicle Inspection. This event - which runs from now until July 31st, 2020 - promotes road-worthiness, with our trained technicians meticulously assessing your ride. They’ll perform Ford-certified diagnostics, generating a comprehensive report of fluid levels, tire wear ratios, front-end alignments, and more; and they’ll alert you to any potential concerns. 

Custom repair solutions will then be provided - allowing you to achieve maximum performance this summer. 

The Complete Vehicle Inspection (which is available for $99.95) will ensure your ride can handle every seasonal challenge. Schedule an appointment today!

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