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Metal Detection

Rens-Metal Shark is the best of both worlds in the Metal Detection business. Whether your application requires detecting a nail in a whole log or a needle in a stack of denim,  Rens-Metal Shark has the Metal Detector to handle your requirements. Manufacturing the most technologically advanced metal detectors on the market is our specialty. By using exclusive 4 channel DDS and DSP microprocessor technology we achieve continuous accuracy and absolute stability.

Whole Log, Cant, Belt, Vibrating Conveyors, OSB and Fluff Pulp applications are our specialty. 
Industries served range from solid wood, OSB, Pulp and Paper, Recycling and Food.



PX Handheld Metal Detector 

Round Whole Log Aperture - Metal Detector 

A10 with fiberglass trough

Rens-Metal Shark Flat Plate


A50 High Power Square Coil