Enviro Division



Viking Chains Waste Water Treatment Chains & Components with high ultimate strength, allow for the longest possible life on rectangular clarifier’s, bar screen, and grit channel applications.


The Viking Chains Enviro Division is a leading manufacturer and distributor of wastewater chains and component parts for a variety of municipal users.

Established in 1995, Viking Chains Enviro Division comprises more than 150+ years of chain and application experience and we have the skills and knowledge required to produce the very best in quality chains. Our commitment to quality is sustained through extensive research and development, rigid process control, performance testing and continuous innovation.

Each chain is uniquely engineered for strength and durability, given the specific set of conditions for which it was designed and produced. Viking Chains Enviro Division has remained on the cutting edge of technology, continually providing chain able to withstand the ever increasing speeds and loads of today’s municipal chain and flight systems. Viking Chains Enviro Division can manufacture chain and attachments to meet your requirements, whether you are upgrading a single run or implementing a complete project.

Although initially specializing in the wood products industry such as sawmills, pulp mills, specialty wood products to oriented strand board; we also produce chain for a large variety of other types of industries with equal success. A growing sector are rectangular clarifiers, grit channels and bar screens in the waste water industry where our chains and components give you a high quality, economical solution.
Our team of specialists are ready to work with you to produce the very best product for your application. You are guaranteed the very best in performance, dependability, value on the market today and service second to none!




VC720NM F228 Collector Chain




VC720NM 17 Idler Sprocket


System Integrator 

Rectangular Clarifiers