India Primer

India Primer



In the fall of 2016 McKinsey & Company produced two detailed documents outlining cities undergoing massive redevelopment plus a primer to smart cities. Below are PDF copies of those reports.

Opportunities in India

The following documents are reports prepared by McKinsey:


Overall urban opportunity of ₤50 Bn over next 5 years in India; both local and international players are participating

Overall city opportunity



Smart Cities Mission was launched by the MoUD to create 100 smart cities in the next 5 years ▪ The objective is to promote cities that provide core infrastructure and a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment and application of ‘Smart’ Solutions ▪ The focus is on sustainable and inclusive development and the idea is to look at compact areas, create a replicable model which will act like a light house to other aspiring cities ▪ Central Government proposes to give financial support of Rs. 48,000 crores over five years i.e. on an avg Rs. 100 crore per city per year (Rs 500 cr per city over 5 years). An equal amount, on a matching basis, will have to be contributed by the State/ULB ▪ 98 cities were shortlisted to compete for phase 2 ▪ 20 cities have qualified among 98 participating cities as top cities through “Smart City challenge” ▪ As part of this initiative, cities will need to choose – At least one pan city initiative – At least one greenfield or retrofit or redevelopment (area based) initiative.

Smart City Mission was launched to significantly improve the urban situation across multiple cities
20 cities selected for phase I of Smart Cities challenge; total spend proposed by selected cities more than 50 thousand crores

Smart CGovernment spending on Smart Cities in the next 5 years could be anywhere between 30,000-55,000 crore


Addressable spend for ICT related solutions in Smart Cities Proposal is roughly ~40% of the total spend based on proposals so far

Key themes emerging across cities based on submission
Key Themes 
Typical projects across 5 core verticals
Typical projects
Overall addressable market for Smart Cities in the next 5 years could be substantial
Overall projects