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Connexus Industries’ conveyor division specializes in the design and manufacture of custom conveyors for bulk material handling applications.  

Our experience ranges from bulk log handling to raw mineral pan conveyors to sealed conveyors for fine ash and cement.  Every application is reviewed to determine the best type of chain system to be used that will produce an acceptable life expectancy at an acceptable price. 

We have the ability to design liners specific to the application and use combinations of materials within the conveyor to produce the best possible results.

Some applications we have designed conveyors for:

• Drum de-barker discharge conveyors: High impact from logs dropping 10’
• Receiving apron conveyors for raw mineral stock: High impact and high abrasion
• Fly ash conveyors for electrostatic precipitators: High abrasion and air tight
• High temperature Kiln discharge conveyors: 1,800 - 2,000 degrees F
• Hog Fuel conveyors: High abrasion