Means a person or entity who provides counsel, in this case referring to financial, funding, tax and/or legal advice.
Means to have the right or ability to provide counsel or advice, generally with regard to the most advantageous course of action.
Refers to a person authorized to represent or act on behalf of another person or corporation, in this case to execute transactions or commitments in relation to fundings through the CFIC platform.
Beneficial Change                                    
Means a change in the terms of a Business Funding Agreement which improves the terms of such agreement for the funder. The change may be an increase in the percentage offered, or any other enhancement, but may in no way decrease the value of the funding’s benefit to the funder.
Signifies a failure to abide by the terms of the CFIC Code of Conduct, Funder Terms of Business, or any other regulations detailed in any part of the CFIC platform.
In this case, refers to a start-up, early-stage, or medium-sized business or entity which lists a Business on the CFIC platform that is seeking funding for the business.
Business Funding Agreement
Refers to the agreement or contract between a listed Business and a funder or funders for the latter to provide the capital necessary to a specific listed Business according to the terms in the applicable Business Funding Listing and Business Funding Overview. The Business Funding agreement is part of the Business Funding Terms.
Business Funding Listing
Means an offer posted on the CFIC platform by a listed Business, which details the terms of the offer being made in exchange. Each Business Funding Listing is made in accordance with the terms, conditions and disclosures (including risk factor disclosures) for that specific Business.
Business Funding Overview
Means the summary of terms prepared by the listed Business seeking funding which detail the terms of the offer. The Business Funding Overview is part of the Business Funding Terms.
Business Funding Period
Refers to the period of time during which funders may make commitments to fund a listed Business, as detailed in the Business Funding Overview.
Business Funding Terms
Refers to the terms of the agreement between the listed Business and the Funders, and governs the relationship between said parties. The Business Funding Terms includes:  Risk Factor Disclosures, Business Funding Overview, and the Business Funding Agreement.
CFIC Trust Account
Means an account that is established for the benefit of Funders and listed Businesses to hold all funds credited to Funder Accounts, as well as fees, expenses, and other costs deposited and/or advanced by Businesses in relation to their Businesses and their Business Listings on the CFIC website/platform.
CFIC Community
Refers to the community of all users of the CFIC website/platform.
Refers to the process which occurs when the Funding Target for a listed Business is attained, if this occurs, at which time the Funding Agreement comes into effect and the Fundings are issued to the listed Business.
Refers to the amount of capital a Funder commits to provide to a listed Business in relation to a Business Funding, according to the Business Funding Agreement. By committing such amounts, Funders acknowledge their understanding of the risks involved in said Funding.
Refers to the practice of funding a business or project by raising multiple small amounts of capital from multiple people via the internet and social media. There are a variety of crowdfunding types, including Reward-based, Equity-based, and Loan-based. Reward-based crowdfunding means that the new or early-stage business is funded by obtaining financial support from multiple funders who receive a reward in exchange for early-stage funding. These rewards may include merchandise, early access to products, VIP treatment, etc. Equity-based crowdfunding involves funding a business by offering shares in the company in exchange for funding from multiple funders. These funders receive ownership in the business, and can also provide valuable expertise and access to networks. Loan-based crowdfunding means that a business is funded by obtaining smaller loans from multiple lenders in exchange for the business paying interest. These lenders are entitled to an interest for the duration of the loan.
Due Diligence
In general, due diligence signifies the precautionary care a person should undertake prior to entering into any agreement or transaction. In this case, it refers to the audit or investigation of any listed Business on the CFIC Platform, and the Business Funding Terms of that business, that Funders are advised to undertake prior to making any decision with regards to funding that listed Business.
This term encompasses all start-up, early-stage and/or medium-sized businesses, also referred to as listed Businesses in this case, who list their Business on the CFIC platform to secure capital for said Businesses.
Means an online space where persons with a common interest communicate, share, and discuss a specific topic. In this instance, forum refers to the CFIC Forum which is part of the CFIC platform and governed by the CFIC Terms of Use.
Refers to a person, group, agent or corporation who has signed up as a User of the platform for the purpose of participating in funding listed Businesses posted on the CFIC platform.
Funder Account
Refers to the account set up in the name of the user on the CFIC platform that is created once the user has completed the sign up process and agreed to all website and platform terms and conditions.
Funder Deposit Account
Means the bank account the Funding User designates for transfer/receipt of funds from the CFIC platform.
Funder Terms of Business
Also referred to as “Funder Terms,” the Funder Terms of Business is an agreement entered into between CFIC Listed Business and you as a funder. These terms apply to all transactions by which you commit to fund Businesses seeking to raise capital in return for issuance to you, directly or indirectly, of Fundings listed on the CFIC website.
Refers to the commitment of capital to Businesses made by Funding Users on the CFIC platform, in accordance with the terms of the applicable Business Funding Terms.
Funding Target
Signifies the total amount of capital required by the listed Business to meet their funding needs. Funding commitments made by funders during the business funding period will not be withdrawn unless the funding target is met within that period.
In this case, means that CFIC platform users defend, protect and hold harmless CFIC and its officers, directors, stockholders, employees and agents against all claims, liabilities, actions, costs, damages, losses, demands and expenses of every kind, known or unknown, contingent or otherwise.
Know-Your-Client Check
A due diligence requirement that refers to the process by which we utilize third party services to verify the information you provide when you register to become a Funder, and determine whether to authorize your registration.
In this case, refers to the act of monitoring activity on the CFIC platform to ensure that User Contributions and activities are in compliance with the Code of Conduct and all other terms of the CFIC Terms and Conditions.
Non-U.S. Persons
Means all persons who are not citizens or residents of the United States, any corporation, partnership or other entity created or organized in or under the laws of the United States, or any person falling within the definition of the term “U.S. Person” under Regulation S adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the U.S. on 24th April 1990, as amended from time to time. Only non-U.S. Persons are permitted to register as Funders on the CFIC platform.
Signifies a legal or natural person, partnership, unincorporated association or other unincorporated body that, regardless of having no distinct legal personality, is acting for purposes of this Agreement as a unified body.  
Refers to the CFIC platform, including the website (, all pages at sub-domains thereof, and may include pages hosted at additional domains which we identify as being part of the CFIC platform.
Privacy Policy
Refers to CFIC’s privacy policy, which is accessible from each page of the Website. By using the Website, you are deemed to have consented to the Privacy Policy and all terms therein.
Risk Disclosure
Refers to the details provided in the Business Funding Terms applicable to a Business Funding Listing posted on the CFIC platform which discloses all risks and conflicts of interest in relation to the listing, the Business, and the operations of the Business.
Securities Act
Refers to the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended from time to time.
Sign Up
Means the process by which a person joins the CFIC platform to receive information and become a user of the site/part of the CFIC community.
Success Fee
A success fee means a fee paid for successfully concluding a transaction. This fee is generally calculated as a percentage of the company's enterprise value, and is contingent on closing of the applicable deal.
Third Party Verification
Means the review and authentication by a third party of information provided to CFIC by a CFIC platform user to ensure accuracy of the information.
Also referred to as “full disclosure,” transparency means the degree to which Funders have access to any essential financial or material information about a Listed Business. Such information may include audited financial statements, or any other relevant financial and operational data pertinent to the Listed Business.
U.S. Persons
Refers to all persons who are citizens or residents of the United States, any corporation, partnership or other entity created or organized in or under the laws of the United States, or any person falling within the definition of the term “U.S. Person” under Regulation S adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the U.S. on 24th April 1990, as amended from time to time. Only non-U.S. Persons are permitted to register as Funders on the CFIC platform.
User Contributions
Constitutes any material uploaded or posted to the Website/Platform by a member of the public, including without limitation any text, graphics, photographs, audio or video material.
User Code of Conduct
Refers to the regulations and terms to which all users must abide in their use of the CFIC platform. By using the platform, you agree to comply with the User Code of Conduct, which supplements and forms part of the Website Terms, along with the Funder Terms of Business, Risk Disclosure and Privacy Policy.
User Profile
Means the profile or CFIC user account containing the details provided by a user of the CFIC platform.
Means the review and authentication by CFIC and third party service providers of information provided by a CFIC platform user to ensure accuracy of the information.
We, Us & Our
Refers to CFIC, any of our subsidiaries, and where applicable, our authorized agents, assignees, transferees and delegates.
Refers to the CFIC website hosted at, including the platform, all pages at sub-domains thereof, and may include pages hosted at additional domains which we identify as being part of the CFIC website.
Working day
Refers to any weekday from Monday to Friday, and excludes any Saturday, Sunday or international or national holidays. The working day encompasses standard business hours in EST.
You or your
Means you as a user of the CFIC platform and a party to this agreement.
For more information, please refer to the following dictionaries:

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