In order to prepare yourself and your business to raise capital through the CFIC platform, the following information will be very helpful for your submission for approval to undertake a funding.
Once you have been approved, you will need to create your online campaign. This campaign is where potential funders will learn about your business, gather information and do their research in order to determine their appetite for participating in your offering.
In order to put your campaign and disclosure documents together, please take into consideration the following.
1.     Do you have your team in place? Your team is one of the most important factors that funders take into consideration when reviewing a business proposition posted in your online campaign.
2.     Are you ready for an injection of capital? Funders want to see that you have taken your business to a level that additional capital will go towards growing your business. Have you tested your idea? Do you have a prototype? Paying customers? Do you know who your competitors are, and how they are doing? What differentiates you from your competitors? What is your unique value proposition? Have you done everything that you can possibly do without money? Have you been resourceful and proactive about testing your product or service?
3.     Do you have a marketing strategy in place to build your community and promote your campaign to potential funders?
4.     Have you engaged your circle of influence to assess their desire and ability to participate in funding your business? This includes friends, family business associates, suppliers, key influencers and your existing community, and is a key component to being successful with your funding. Your immediate personal, professional and social network is your funding launch pad. It is these groups that are an important source of support, advocacy, key contacts and initial funding.
Prior to building your campaign to raise capital for your business utilizing the CFIC platform, we require that you submit the following information for vetting by an independent third party.
Submit your documents
Once you have compiled all of the following documents for approval, forward via email to: Originals of some documents may be required at a later date, but for the purpose of having your details and business case vetted by an independent third party, electronic copies will suffice for the time being.
This process is to confirm the pertinent details of your business status, that your documents are in order and up to date, that your team and your business are suitable to the CFIC marketplace, and that your offering is “fair, clear and not misleading”.
Your documents and supporting information will be reviewed in detail. The more complete your information package is upon submission, the smoother the process will go. If you have any particular questions, please feel free to contact us directly via email at:
This process, can take anywhere from as little as a week up to several weeks, depending on how complete your initial information package is. We work hand in hand with you to facilitate this process as quickly as possible.
During the process additional documentation may be required to support certain statements and claims that have been made about your business and it’s operations. Potential funders may also request additional support information and documentation prior to their committing to funding. Funders may also request additional information to determine if funding your business is a good fit to their particular circumstances and to give them a better understanding of your offering and their comfort in participating. You may also be required to modify the way you describe certain things for clarity. Being thorough and prepared will go a long way to facilitating the approval and ultimate funding process.
Your information is also reviewed for suitability to what our funding community are likely to find of interest. We do not make a judgment about the quality of your campaign, as that is up to the funders to decide, if the third party doesn’t feel you have provided funders with a compelling and engaging business case and proposal for funding, it may need to be adjusted if possible, and may not be approved at all.
You may need to form an IBC (International Business Corporation, or other such corporation or structure as needed for your particular circumstances)
Your business may be based anywhere in the world, and you are welcome to operate your business through local legal entities, but the funding itself may need to be structured through a limited company formed under the laws of Anguilla. A number of options are available, to create a customized solution. There are no two businesses and / or situations alike, structure is extremely important, not only for the funders, but for the business itself.  We are happy to assist you with this process and source the right providers and services as needed to facilitate your unique situation and proposition.  Please feel free to contact us directly via email to:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: CFIC is not a registered broker-dealer. CFIC does not offer funding advice, advise on the fundings for businesses listed by the entrepreneurs on the site, or recommend or otherwise suggest that any funder participate in a particular company, or that any company offer listed businesses to a particular funder. CFIC takes no part in the negotiation or execution of transactions for funding of any of the listings on the CFIC site. CFIC facilitates the website that Businesses and Funders can use to introduce each other. CFIC does not control or endorse messages or any businesses or funders and disclaims any responsibility with regard thereto. CFIC has no obligation to review, monitor, or maintain any user messaging.

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