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With the Bronco Sport and the four-door and two-door Broncos set to hit B.C. later this year and in spring 2021, respectively, there’s much for Ford aficionados to look forward to. We’d be remiss not to highlight the shared qualities of these tremendous machines, so today we’re doing just that!

The 2021 Bronco will benefit from superior off-road capability thanks to reinforced front tow hooks and available heavy-duty modular steel bumpers complete with an integrated Ford Performance accessory winch mount. Available best-in-class 11.6-inch ground clearance, best-in-class water fording capability of more than 33 inches, and a maximum 29-degree breakover angle and 37.2-degree departure angle are on tap.


These SUVs have even more going for them, too. Trail One-Pedal Drive offers better slow-mode rock crawling while the first-in-its segment Trail Toolbox supplies improved off-road turning radiuses through Trail Turn Assist.

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Can’t get enough of the upcoming 2021 Bronco? You’re certainly not alone, and Ford knows it—which is why they’re debuting “Bring Back Bronco: The Untold Story” on August 10.

“Bring Back Bronco” is an eight-part podcast series that takes a look at how Ford’s celebrated SUV came to be. Hosted by former National Public Radio transportation and economics correspondent, Sonari Glinton, the series will cover the original debut of the Bronco through its cancellation in 1996—and the efforts of Ford’s “Bronco Underground” employees who covertly worked to bring the automobile back to life.


"The Bronco is an iconic vehicle, with an unusual history of twists and turns, ascents and descents,” said Ford Chief Communications Officer, Mark Truby. “It demands a fresh storytelling approach to shed light on what makes it special and so compelling to its huge fan base, as well as for new fans who will discover the rich history along with the new Broncos.”

“Bring Back Bronco” will be available on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and more come August 10. Call us to learn more!

Penticton, the 2021 Ford Bronco Is a Titan of Power and Performance

(Posted on Jul 26, 2020 at 07:28PM )
The 2021 Ford Bronco is ready to inspire enthusiasts, prospective owners, and industry copycats upon its release early next year. A large part of its undeniable appeal—aside from its sensational look—is its emphasis on power and performance. Let’s dive in!

The 2021 Bronco is equipped with an independent front suspension that delivers increased comfort, confidence, and control. The rear of the machine has a solid axle design sporting coil springs outfitted with five locating links for enhanced control on the trails. Plus, position-sensitive Bilstein® dampers can be had to further ramp up durability when off-roading.


Of course, we can’t neglect to mention what’s under the hood. The all-new two- and four-door Broncos are set to come standard with a 2.3-liter EcoBoost producing a targeted 270 HP and best-in-class four-cylinder torque of 310 lb.-ft. There’s also an available 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 capable of a targeted 310 HP and 400 lb.-ft. of torque.

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Get ready, Penticton! The 2021 Ford Bronco two- and four-door models are set to take B.C. by storm early next year. If you’re a fan of off-roading, this machine is poised to blow your mind with sophisticated trail technology that likely outstrips anything you’ve experienced prior.

Off-road capability hits segment-leading levels in the 2021 Bronco thanks to reinforced, exposed front tow hooks and available heavy-duty modular steel bumpers with an integrated Ford Performance accessory winch mount. Additionally, you’ll benefit from a maximum 29-degree 
breakover angle and 37.2-degree departure angle, available best-in-class 11.6-inch ground clearance, and best-in-class water fording capability that exceeds 33 inches.

The 2021 Ford Bronco doesn't stop there. Its first-in-its segment Trail Toolbox elevates the experience further with improved off-road turning radiuses through torque vectoring thanks to Trail Turn Assist. Also, Trail One-Pedal Drive provides better slow-mode rock crawling as a function of enhanced acceleration and braking control.

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Penticton, the 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands and First Edition Are Thrilling

(Posted on Jul 26, 2020 at 01:20AM )
Penticton, gear up for a very special off-roading experience when the 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands and First Edition trims release later this year. They’re both set to thoroughly thrill with incredible high-level power and off-road performance.

Both of these new 2021 Bronco Sport trims come packed standard with a 2.0-liter EcoBoost® engine that has a targeted best-in-class performance of 245 HP and 275 lb.-ft. of torque. This compares to 181 horsepower and 190 lb.-ft. of torque planned for the lower trims of the Base, Big Bend, and Outer Banks models, as a point of comparison.


All models of the upcoming Bronco Sport come with an independent front and rear suspension for taking on aggressive terrain, but the Badlands and First Edition models take things a step further. Their systems include specially tuned front struts with hydraulic rebound stops for a less jarring ride. Also, 46-millimeter-diameter monotube rear shocks improve comfort when tearing up the trails.

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Excited by what you heard last week about the upcoming, all-new 2021 Bronco Sport, Penticton? Well, even more details about the exciting 4x4 machine are leaking, and it’s clear this SUV is set to bring wild capability to B.C.

The 2021 Bronco Sport is ready for whatever you are. The compact SUV has been built with made-for-the-trails departure, approach 
and breakover angles. Four steel bash plates reinforce the machine against the rigors of road and trail driving, while available frame-mounted front tow hooks can each withstand static loads up to 100-percent of the vehicle’s gross weight. Plus, in Rock Crawl mode, the electronic power steering assist system is tweaked to offer even more precise control, alongside a reduction in steering wheel disturbance when rolling over rocky terrain at low speeds.

Bonus: The Bronco Sport comes with a class-exclusive front off-road camera with lens washer. It provides greater visibility of what lies ahead, displaying its video feed on the center stack-mounted touch screen.

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The upcoming two- and four-door Broncos—set for release early next year—are set to provide thrilling off-roading experiences for owners throughout B.C. Today, we want to discuss two incredible aspects of these upcoming vehicles—driver-selectable modes and available 4x4 systems.

The 2021 Bronco will supply drivers with seven selectable modes depending on the use case of their outing. First up is “Normal” (self-explanatory, right?), followed by “Eco” and “Sport,” the former of which puts a focus on fuel conservation and the latter of which firms things up for a fun ride. There’s also “Slippery” and “Sand” for traction control, and “Baja,” “Mud/Ruts,” and “Rock Crawl” specifically for off-road driving.


The new Broncos are also offered with the option of two separate 4x4 systems. The base system relies on a two-speed, electronic shift, on-the-fly transfer case. The advanced system ups the ante with a two-speed electromechanical transfer case with an auto mode for on-demand engagement and 2H/4H selection.

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With the recently announced 2021 Bronco Sport, there’s going to be nothing holding you back. Wherever you wish to roam in B.C., this mighty machine will take you there not only in style but with a supreme confidence born of its sensational engineering.

All Bronco Sport models are set to ship later this year with standard 4x4 functionality and an independent front and rear suspension. Class-exclusive features that are tailor-made for the trail include a safari-style roof that boasts best-in-class headroom, greater than 100 factory-backed and aftermarket accessories, and a cargo area capable of accommodating two 27.5-inch-wheel mountain bikes.


That’s not all. The 2021 Bronco Sport was tested in the extreme conditions of the Johnson Valley desert in California. To handle such a challenge, prospective owners will be thrilled that both the First Edition and Badlands models come with a class-exclusive twin-clutch rear-drive unit with a differential lock feature. It can smartly divert nearly all rear axle torque to either wheel as necessary. Innovative!

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Unless you’ve been completely off the grid the past week, you’ve likely heard about the new Ford lineup that’s completely at home, well, off the grid—the new 2021 Bronco. These machines are all “Built Wild,” and the particularly burly two- and four-door Broncos are ready to take Penticton and B.C. by storm starting early next year.

The new two- and four-door Broncos come loaded with your choice of powerful EcoBoost engines, including an available 2.7L EcoBoost V6 that churns out a sensational 310 horses and 400 lb.-ft. of torque. While an automatic transmission is available, buyers will have their choice of a hands-on, segment-exclusive seven-speed manual. Also available are tremendous 35-inch tires (also segment-exclusive) and a best-in-class 94.75:1 crawl ratio, suspension travel, water fording, and ground clearance.


Oh, and want to show off a bit? The 2021 Bronco comes with segment-exclusive digital trail mapping functionality that allows for the planning, recording, and sharing of off-road experiences through an all-in-one app.

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While Ford announced the exciting new 2021 Bronco two-door and four-door models this week, they also had another thrilling reveal—the compact, rugged, and stylish 2021 Bronco Sport. Built using the Big Blue Oval’s C2 platform, the Sport offers a different take on the Bronco without sacrificing the off-road focus.

The 4x4 2021 Bronco Sport is powerful and capable—and more than ready for you to put it through its paces in Penticton and B.C. when it goes on sale in North America later this year. The SUV is set to impress with its available 2.0-liter EcoBoost® engine offering segment-best torque and horsepower. Its architecture also boasts a class-exclusive twin-clutch rear-drive unit with a differential lock feature, as well as 
cargo area to support stowing two 27.5-inch-wheel mountain bikes and a safari-style roof that boasts class-leading headroom.

That’s not all. The new Bronco Sport offers class-exclusive (you’ll be hearing that phrase a lot over the coming months) Trail Control™ tech that enhances off-road performance. It works by enabling a cruise control-esque experience up to 20 MPH forward and 6 MPH in reverse, providing for vehicle-controlled braking and throttle.

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