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Most BC Businesses Don’t Take Advantage of Local SEO

(Posted on Oct 10, 2013 at 06:01PM by Lee Byard)

seo vancouverUtilizing digital marketing in Vancouver should be the first - and foremost - choice of all BC businesses. Too often, however, do those same businesses refuse to take advantage of even the most basic SEO practices.

According to a recent study by SMB DigitalScape, a data and analysis firm: 

  • 74.7 percent of web sites lack an email link on their home page for consumers to contact their business.

  • 65.7 percent of web sites lack a form-fill option to enable consumers to request information.

  • 93.3 percent of web sites are not mobile compatible and will not render successfully on mobile devices or smartphones.

These numbers are shocking - if only because they're entirely avoidable. Using SEO techniques in Vancouver BC is essential for today’s online-driven market. Providing locally relevant information (like city-centric emails, request forms and community apps) provides strong search rankings and targeted demographics. There's no reason not to do it and every reason to do it.

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The Power of Vancouver Marketing

(Posted on Oct 9, 2013 at 06:15PM by Lee Byard)

seo vancouverThe power of digital marketing in Vancouver can’t be denied - and yet many BC businesses refuse to transform their sites. Optimization is a forgotten process. SEO is never attempted. Vendors don’t rely on automation and, therefore, they receive no benefits from it.

This is a mistake - and it’s a costly one.

According to a study conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, every $1.00 spent on Internet marketing earns a $40.00 return. This includes Vancouver SEO practices like organic content, social integration, image galleries and more. 

This number is staggering - which is why local BC businesses must rely on marketing firms in Vancouver to saturate the web with their services and products. 

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The Truth About Mobile Marketing in Vancouver

(Posted on Oct 9, 2013 at 06:07PM by Lee Byard)

seo vancouverDigital marketing in Vancouver is no longer limited to computers. It’s instead shaped by smartphones - and BC businesses should scramble to optimize their sites for the mobile world.

The reason for the rush? A recent study by the Google Mobile Movement revealed that 88 percent of consumers who searched for local businesses on their phones followed up their searches with a call or in-house visit within 24 hours.

That’s an undeniable number - and it’s one that dominates the future of Vancouver SEO.

The top marketing firms in Vancouver (like One Big Broadcast) recognize the correlation between smartphones and sales. Every BC business must now do the same, formatting their sites for a new digital market.

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Yahoo Local Is Still Relevant to Vancouver Businesses

(Posted on Oct 4, 2013 at 04:18PM by Lee Byard)

bc seo companyYahoo! is no longer the king of search engines. It’s been usurped by Google and many social media companies in Vancouver now dismiss it. 

One Big Broadcast does not.

Instead we recognize the importance in Yahoo! - if only for its local search potential.

Any successful SEO Vancouver strategy must incorporate the Yahoo! Local directory. This comprehensive listing of shops and services ranks among the most popular options worldwide, drawing millions of unique searches each month. Its straightforward formatting and data-rich profiles makes it a user favorite.

Digital marketing in Vancouver must take advantage of this. Yahoo! Local integrates every vendor into a vast network of photos and phone numbers. It allows users to discover BC businesses with ease - and it ranks fourth among overall directories.

Utilize Yahoo! Local. Contact One Big Broadcast to learn how.

Google Plus Local Impacts Vancouver Businesses

(Posted on Oct 4, 2013 at 04:11PM by Lee Byard)

bc seo companyGoogle Plus Local was not an instant success. As a network it was often challenged by social media titans Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest - unable to generate the same activity, unable to gain the proper traction. It seemed destined to be the search engine’s first true failure.

Time has been kind to Google Plus Local, however, and it has finally begun to receive the same recognition as its counterparts - inspiring over 300 million users to actively post, share and chat each month. 

It’s also become a beacon of SEO Vancouver strategies.

Digital marketing in Vancouver is no simple feat. It’s shaped by consistent posting, optimized materials and an understanding of search tactics. It also requires a use of Google Plus Local. This massive network offers many advantages to BC businesses, allowing them to build their brands through reviews, photos and profiles. It reaches a wide audience, with countless Canadian users seeking out shops, restaurants and vendors.

All social media companies in Vancouver - including One Big Broadcast - see the potential of Google Plus Local. It’s why search strategies now incorporate the web site. No BC company should be without a Plus profile. It serves as instant access to the public and the Internet itself.

Contact One Big Broadcast to learn more about Google Plus Local and how to incorporate it into your social plan.

The Importance Of Using Yelp For Vancouver SEO

(Posted on Oct 4, 2013 at 12:21PM by Lee Byard)

bc seo companyGoogle is the undisputed king of engines. Facebook stands as the social media titan. Yelp, however, is the lord of all local searches - generating over 100 million unique users every quarter and linking vendors across the globe.

Using this directory for a SEO Vancouver strategy, therefore, is essential.

Yelp began in 2004. Since then it has seen substantial growth, gaining daily users and rising to the top of local search listings. It allows for effortless networking, linking BC businesses through up-to-date descriptions, details and profiles. It integrates information into social media sites, like Twitter or Pinterest. It even promotes communication between consumers and sellers.

Using it as part of digital marketing in Vancouver is no longer optional. Instead local vendors must link themselves to this directory and start gaining traction online.

One Big Broadcast will show them how, providing comprehensive SEO Vancouver options and taking advantage of Yelp’s many benefits.

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The Most Popular Local Search Directories For Vancouver Businesses

(Posted on Oct 4, 2013 at 12:12PM by Lee Byard)

bc seo companyThe power of local search can’t be denied - which is why utilizing SEO Vancouver strategies is essential for every BC business. Targeting nearby consumers provides higher sales, stronger branding and the potential for expansion.

How does your business precisely target those consumers, though? 


Digital marketing in Vancouver requires directories - localized listings of services, with links to web sites, phone numbers, addresses and other mapping traits. They connect users with the information they need, and they provide ways for businesses to succeed online.

Not all of these options are created the same, though. Instead some reach the top of the search engine pile... while others fade to obscurity.

The top SEO companies in Vancouver - like One Big Broadcast - know which ones to choose:


An estimated 108 million consumers use Yelp each quarter, creating individual listings and linkings.

Google Plus

Each month 359 million active users share information on Google Plus, all generating recommendations and service questions.


Two new users join LinkedIn every second, providing massive networking potential.

Learn more about which directories to join for local searches - and which to avoid. Contact One Big Broadcast today!

Local Search Directories Essential For Vancouver Businesses

(Posted on Sep 29, 2013 at 12:51PM by Lee Byard)

bc seo companyInformation was once contained to the aptly named Yellow Pages. Every address, phone number and proprietor was listed there - forcing readers to sift through page after page, struggle with heavy bindings and easily torn paper. Times are changing, however. The age of ink is over. It’s been replaced with computers.

BC consumers rely on the Internet for their searches. SEO Vancouver directories are utilized each day, leading 76% of users to nearby shops, restaurants and more. Choosing to ignore the power of local advertisements, therefore, is a mistake.

Digital marketing in Vancouver is essential. It allows vendors to target traffic within their communities, generating a greater likelihood of sales. Every BC business should take full advantage of media options, affiliating themselves with Google Maps, Yelp, Merchant Circle, LinkedIn and other listings.

The top SEO companies in Vancouver - like One Big Broadcast - will offer ways to do that. Through full integration and social casting, all local directories will be used. Every business will be linked to the web, ensuring that customers can quickly find them. This promises higher search rankings and stronger sales.

Contact One Big Broadcast to learn more about local search platforms.

One Big Broadcast Launches OBB Auto

(Posted on Sep 29, 2013 at 12:40PM by Lee Byard)

bc seo companyOne Big Broadcast introduces the next big thing in marketing - OBB Auto. 

This unique social media experience is tailored to automotive dealerships. Through its centralized console, it allows clients to effortlessly control - and adapt - their marketing strategies. Innovative technologies (such as analytics, real-time monitoring and more) prove ideal for branding and profit-building. 

OBB Auto offers content that is fully integrated and completely organic. This allows every dealership to gain traffic, interest and sales - all with the click of a button. Get ready to rev up your engine and your web site.

Learn more about OBB Auto with the official press release.

Contact One Big Broadcast to begin the automative marketing process.

One Big Broadcast Offers Innovative Changes Within Blogging Platform

(Posted on Sep 26, 2013 at 01:23PM by Lee Byard)

bc seo companyOne Big Broadcast believes in streamlining the SEO Vancouver process. We achieve this through a one-click console, innovative keywords and even a transformation of our own blogs.

One Big Broadcast introduces our new - and improved - blog system.

Looking for a specific post or tag? Type your query into the search bar.

Interested in entries about digital marketing in Vancouver, social media companies in Vancouver or other SEO topics? Check out the categories section on the side-bar.

Want to see which tags are most commonly used? The new Tags App displays our top 20 keywords.

Want to search through all of our SEO Vancouver tags? Click on the Knowledge Bank and see an extensive (and conveniently alphabetized) list. 

These features allow you to better explore - and experience - what One Big Broadcast has to offer.