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Very happy with the service that we received from...
Very happy with the service that we received from everyone! Jag, Kal, Natalie & Jeff were amazing to work with. Would recommend to anyone! Thank you!
Very bad service! Liars!.Took it for service on Thursday...
Very bad service! Liars!. Took it for service on Thursday at 10 am (1hr-2hr) they said they couldn’t have it ready that day, so I had to leave it overnight and it was ready to be picked up at 11am. I had to reschedule many appointments I had already made.! Very rude and unprofessional. Then I had to pay $234 for just inspecting my 2013 Ford Fiesta that has a problem with the transmission and always has had since the first day of purchase, and there even an ongoing lawsuit against Ford for defective transmission in these models. They said it’s not the transmission and it’s they have to undergo more inspections that require more time and it’s gonna cost me more! They ended up making excuses about this problem and I ended up having the same problematic defective and dangerous vehicle. Then they said they have washed it and ready for me to pick up. They didn’t wash it! It was al dirty upon picking up! I have pics to prove. Ford is a horrible company and have many problems with their vehicles. It has caused me great financial loses as well as wage from my employment due to this vehicle, I use my car for work ( I work in it, from it ) it’s my work tool and equipment.
For the first time in 5,(count them), 5 decades it was a...
For the first time in 5,(count them), 5 decades it was a pleasure, as a single senior woman to buy a car. It was a fun, happy experience working with Jake and then Nikki. I felt listened to and cared about. Too bad Covid prevented hugs but hugs to both of them. Even the reception lady and gentleman who transferred my insurance made it an all-round positive experience. Thank you all.
Key west Ford treat u like family but they are nice to...
Key west Ford treat u like family but they are nice to you! All the staff from sales and finance to auto insurance are knowledgeable
Great service from Jag. I had a lot of questions and...
Great service from Jag. I had a lot of questions and concerns about purchasing a Ford and Jag was very informative and was able to answer all of my questions.
i had a very good deal on my new ford explorer. special...
i had a very good deal on my new ford explorer. special thanks to JAG DHILLON in his awesome service with us. he didn’t stop taking care of us until the transaction is finish.
The Key West Ford deserves 5 stars for the service and...
The Key West Ford deserves 5 stars for the service and nice and very polite personnel. It was a pleasure to have contact with everybody.
Jag was excellent. I had a great sales experience, first...
Jag was excellent. I had a great sales experience, first via text and then in person. He let me know when the ride I was seeking came in, and we went through the financing ahead of time so I didn’t come into the city until I knew everything was a go.
Had a great experience buying a used Mercedes from Sam at...
Had a great experience buying a used Mercedes from Sam at Key West. Nice guy, honest - and follows up to make sure everything is good.
Nissan News
Latest Nissan News For Seattle, Tacoma, And Bellevue Washington
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At the Brussels Motor Show in Belgium, Nissan unveiled its latest concept vehicle designed with the mobile woodworker in mind. Known as the NV300, the automaker enhanced the versatility of its commercial vehicle to act as a functioning workspace for handy creatives on the road.
The NV300 concept van is a joint effort between Nissan and British Design Studio, Studio Hardie. It features a modified wooden interior that contains numerous practical and innovative features, like unfinished timber floors, walls and ample storage cupboards. There is even a workbench behind the driver's seat with a touchscreen computer and wall-mounted tool storage overhead. A swiveling stool also slides up and down the length of the cargo area on rails that are mounted to the floor.
But what would a workshop be without accessible power? Thankfully the NV300 comes equipped with an integrated portable battery solution known as Energy ROAM. It boasts a weatherproof power pack with a storage capacity of 700Wh and maximum power output of 1kW. Nissan used second-life batteries recovered from Leaf electric vehicles for the utmost in sustainable energy technology. The power pack can also be recharged using a solar panel accessory mounted on the roof of the van for off-grid versatility.
There’s no word yet if the NV300 will ever become available in North America, but one can dream! To learn more about this latest concept vehicle, contact Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington.
Nissan is making a serious breakthrough courtesy of its new IMs concept. The “elevated sports sedan” was revealed this past week at the 2019 North American International Auto Show and we must say, it really features some wickedly progressive technologies that are set to push the industry forward.

The IMs concept receives its performance-heavy character from the strategic placement of two electric motors—one at the front and one at the back of the machine. This arrangement provides smart balance, resulting in an optimal front/rear weight distribution. As a result, the auto offers fantastic cornering and is capable of maintaining its poise across various driving conditions. And since there’s an advanced air suspension system included, the concept is ready for whatever the roads throw at it.

This vehicle’s performance prowess is further emphasized via those two motors we previously mentioned. Insane power generation is achieved—it fact, this car is capable of creating 483 HP and 590 lb.-ft. of torque. Further, its 115-kWh battery supplies a driving range of 380 miles on one charge!

Call us at Kirkland Nissan now to learn more! Also, we encourage you to check out our current inventory!
2019 naias news nissan concept vehicle ims seattle washingtonAt CES 2019 in early January, Nissan unveiled its latest technology concept called Invisible-to-Visible (also known as I2V). And, at the recent 2019 North American International Auto Show, things came full-circle when the audience got an even closer look at the equipment with the release of the IMs concept vehicle.
Merging real and virtual worlds together, I2V uses a 3-D interface in the IMs to provide drivers and passengers with the ability to “see the invisible”, as Nissan describes it, thus adding confidence and excitement to their vehicle experience. This is made possible by Omni-Sensing technology, which tracks the IMs’ surroundings and anticipates what's ahead – even showing objects hidden around a corner or behind a building. 
Guidance is given in an interactive, human-like way for a rich mixed-reality experience. The technology will also allow people to connect with each other through the virtual world and Omni-Sensing. Feeling down on a cloudy day? I2V can cheer up occupants by projecting sunny weather inside the vehicle. Drivers can also use local guides to get information about surrounding areas, tap into the skills of an instructor to improve their driving abilities or receive warnings about potential hazards or traffic jams for a better on-road experience. 
Curious to learn more about the IMs and its IV2 technology? Contact Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington, to discuss with our team.
Nissan was going for an “elevated sports sedan” design with the new IMs concept and, boy, does it show. This is an attention-grabbing, conversation-starting exterior that is athletic-looking and dynamic. It would definitely complement the existing lineup awesomely!

On the whole, the exterior of the Nissan IMs drops sculpted surfaces and instead adopts simplicity, opting for vertical and horizontal lines and eschewing the recent “floating roof” company-wide theme. Instead, a focus on the extended C-pillar and A-pillar areas results in a sleek design that lowers the drag coefficient. Minimal lift at higher speeds is achieved through the front spoiler, rocker panels, and a full-length undertray. Meanwhile, the roofline’s gold-colored anodized brushed aluminum rails are evocative of an eclipse-created ring of moonlight.

The V-motion design language is here—you can see it present in the grille-less front fascia via the headlamps’ shape and placement. The lighting design is thin yet bold and v-shaped, resulting in a progressive look. Additionally, the 22-inch wheel rims are eye-catching and wow-worthy, making the concept all the more sporty.

Call us at Kirkland Nissan to discuss the IMs concept further!
Nissan Intelligent Mobility’s efforts with the IMs represent a future wherein we move toward a sustainable mobile society that is driven by all-electric vehicles that specialize in autonomous capabilities. In fact, the IMs can go into a fully autonomous mode itself, although the manual mode’s attractions are nothing to sneeze at, either.

First, let’s discuss that manual mode. It enables the driver to go hands-on in a traditional fashion; however, there’s a boatload of advanced driver-assistance technologies at work here. All components and information are smartly integrated into a two-layer floating instrument-panel display that shows off all pertinent vehicle information while also giving a full, camera-fueled view of the world around the concept car whenever you call upon it. You’ll always know what’s going on around you!

Of course, things get really interesting when you switch over to the autonomous driving mode. The Nissan IMs’ steering wheel retracts, as do all the powertrain-related components, opening up the cabin and offering greater passenger area. The front seats pivot inward to face the back seats—smart! Additionally, the headlamps and taillights on the exterior turn blue and begin blinking, thereby notifying pedestrians of your vehicle status.

Give us a call at Kirkland Nissan now—we’d love to chat about this concept! In the interim, we encourage you to check out our current inventory.
nissan concept vehicle news in seattle washingtonNow that’s we’ve explored the IMs’ exterior, it’s time to look inside the interior of Nissan’s latest concept car, which is described as a timeless reflection into futurism and a new way of visualizing how commuters will travel in an autonomously driven world.
According to Nissan, the IMs’ interior draws its inspiration from a modern Japanese home, highlighted by examples of high-level craftsmanship with a high-tech expression. The colors and materials set an intimate mood that can be customized with light, plus the shapes of the instrument panel and door trim use dark fabrics and hues to mimic moonlight and shadow. 
When in manual driving mode, the IMs' interior offers a driver-centric cockpit with advanced assistive technologies and multi-level information displays integrated into a simple interface. However, once switched into autonomous driving mode, the steering wheel retracts and the front seats pivot inward to face the innovative rear seating arrangement, characterized by the special "Premier Seat". With this formation, passengers can relax and engage with each other in lasting comfort, while the IMs commands the road.
Nissan’s latest concept car is another fine example of how the automaker is changing the way we integrate technology into our daily lives. To learn more about the IMs' interior and how it relates to our current line-up of vehicles, contact Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington. 
Brace yourself, Seattle – just when you think you’ve seen it all, Nissan blows the cover off its latest concept vehicle that has taken the automotive industry by storm! Unveiled yesterday at the 2019 North American International Auto Show, the Nissan IMs ushers in an entirely new type of vehicle – and perhaps even a segment – that the automaker is calling an elevated sports sedan.
Closer in composition to a sedan than a crossover, the IMs sports a higher cabin height due to the battery’s location under the body of the electric vehicle. With an extended wheelbase, the length of the concept is also stretched and houses a unique “2+1+2" seating architecture, which boasts pivoting front seats and a rear seat that can fit three across, or customized to an indulgent "Premier Seat" when the rear outboard seats are folded.
Offering an autonomous driving mode and a manual driving mode, the IMs is a study of contrast that straddles the worlds of relaxed hands-free operation with exciting high-performance. The advanced powertrain is comprised of dual electric motors (front and rear) and a fast charging 115 kWh battery that generates 483 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque, which is enough power to compete with (and surpass) most modern-day sports cars. The concept vehicle can also travel a full 380 miles on a single charge, which is a huge achievement in and of itself, plus it features all-wheel drive for better weight balance, traction and cornering.
Intrigued? To learn more about the IMs concept vehicle, contact our team at Kirkland Nissan near Tacoma, Washington. 
In early January, global innovators and pioneering thinkers will gather together at CES 2018 to showcase groundbreaking consumer technologies that promise to transform the lives of people around the globe. 
One of those business leaders is none other than Nissan. The automaker will be present at the Las Vegas trade-only conference to highlight Nissan Intelligent Mobility – the brand’s approach to changing how cars are powered, driven and integrated into society.
At their booth, attendees will get a glimpse of Nissan’s IMX Concept Vehicle, which was recently revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show. The all-new 2018 Leaf and Rogue will also be on display, in conjunction with compelling presentations highlighting ProPILOT Assist – an autonomous driving technology that is available on both models.
It promises to be a very fascinating and informative convention! At Kirkland Nissan, we’ll be closely following CES 2018 all the way from Seattle, Washington, and will be sure to keep you updated on the conference. For more news and highlights, check back to our blog between January 9-12, 2018. 

In the meantime, we currently have 2018 Rogues in stock. To schedule your test drive in one, call us today to book your appointment. 
Last year, Nissan created a stir at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show by debuting a custom Rogue decked out like an X-Wing for the launch of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
This year, Nissan is at it again, but this time they turned to the dark side for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which opens nationwide on December 15. And instead of one vehicle, Nissan unveiled seven Star Wars-themed concept vehicles. The Force is definitely strong at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show!
The lineup of Nissans includes the Rogue, Rogue Sport, Altima, Maxima and Titan. Each vehicle showcases its own distinctive design, which was created in collaboration between Lucasfilm and Vehicle Effects – a California-based company best-known for their custom cars in the latest Fast and Furious movies.
Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the Lucasfilm brain trust, which was influential in creating these Nissan show cars, which are drawing massive crowds in LA:
Unfortunately for Seattle area Star Wars fans, these concept vehicles are not for sale. However, they do celebrate a new world of technology, which are attracting consumers to many of Nissan’s latest models, like the highly-anticipated 2018 Kick or the next-generation Leaf.
To learn more about any of these vehicles and their cutting-edge technologies, please contact Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington to speak with a member of our sales team. 

May the Force be with you always!
Ever wish you could hire a robo-vehicle to drive you to work or pick your kids up from their activities? That dream could be a reality – and soon.
This week, Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. and DeNA Company, Ltd. unveiled their new robo-vehicle mobility service dubbed Easy Ride. The two companies began developing the innovative autonomous driving technology in January 2017 and have plans for public field testing in March 2018 in Japan’s Minatomirai district of Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.
The idea behind the technology is simple: to bring more freedom of mobility to anyone that wants to travel freely to their destination by way of a robo-vehicle. The aim is to provide customers with a mobile app where they can set-up destinations, summon vehicles and pay fares.

Here's more:

While an official release date is still unknown for Easy Ride, Nissan and DeNA are currently recruiting field test participants for the spring. If you are traveling to Japan and are interested in applying for the public testing, please visit the Easy Ride website for details.
Easy Ride is just another example of how Nissan is revolutionizing the automotive industry and changing the way that people live their lives around the world. For more information, please contact our dealership in Seattle, Washington to speak with a member of our sales team. 
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