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Very happy with the service that we received from...
Very happy with the service that we received from everyone! Jag, Kal, Natalie & Jeff were amazing to work with. Would recommend to anyone! Thank you!
Very bad service! Liars!.Took it for service on Thursday...
Very bad service! Liars!. Took it for service on Thursday at 10 am (1hr-2hr) they said they couldn’t have it ready that day, so I had to leave it overnight and it was ready to be picked up at 11am. I had to reschedule many appointments I had already made.! Very rude and unprofessional. Then I had to pay $234 for just inspecting my 2013 Ford Fiesta that has a problem with the transmission and always has had since the first day of purchase, and there even an ongoing lawsuit against Ford for defective transmission in these models. They said it’s not the transmission and it’s they have to undergo more inspections that require more time and it’s gonna cost me more! They ended up making excuses about this problem and I ended up having the same problematic defective and dangerous vehicle. Then they said they have washed it and ready for me to pick up. They didn’t wash it! It was al dirty upon picking up! I have pics to prove. Ford is a horrible company and have many problems with their vehicles. It has caused me great financial loses as well as wage from my employment due to this vehicle, I use my car for work ( I work in it, from it ) it’s my work tool and equipment.
For the first time in 5,(count them), 5 decades it was a...
For the first time in 5,(count them), 5 decades it was a pleasure, as a single senior woman to buy a car. It was a fun, happy experience working with Jake and then Nikki. I felt listened to and cared about. Too bad Covid prevented hugs but hugs to both of them. Even the reception lady and gentleman who transferred my insurance made it an all-round positive experience. Thank you all.
Key west Ford treat u like family but they are nice to...
Key west Ford treat u like family but they are nice to you! All the staff from sales and finance to auto insurance are knowledgeable
Great service from Jag. I had a lot of questions and...
Great service from Jag. I had a lot of questions and concerns about purchasing a Ford and Jag was very informative and was able to answer all of my questions.
i had a very good deal on my new ford explorer. special...
i had a very good deal on my new ford explorer. special thanks to JAG DHILLON in his awesome service with us. he didn’t stop taking care of us until the transaction is finish.
The Key West Ford deserves 5 stars for the service and...
The Key West Ford deserves 5 stars for the service and nice and very polite personnel. It was a pleasure to have contact with everybody.
Jag was excellent. I had a great sales experience, first...
Jag was excellent. I had a great sales experience, first via text and then in person. He let me know when the ride I was seeking came in, and we went through the financing ahead of time so I didn’t come into the city until I knew everything was a go.
Had a great experience buying a used Mercedes from Sam at...
Had a great experience buying a used Mercedes from Sam at Key West. Nice guy, honest - and follows up to make sure everything is good.
Nissan News
Latest Nissan News For Seattle, Tacoma, And Bellevue Washington
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Kirkland and Seattle residents, you’ve likely heard wonderful things about Nissan’s all-electric vehicle (EV), the LEAF. It provides today’s drivers with the technology of tomorrow, after all. However, did you realize that it also now has a claim to the lofty title of “best-selling electric vehicle of all time?”

It’s true—the machine hit the 400,000 sale unit mark in March. And if you didn’t realize the above fact, Nissan is proudly making it known via their new “Freedom to Move” campaign that launched this past week. It features world-record-holding professional wingsuit flyer and base jumper, Roberta Mancino, enjoying a glide through the air—in fact, Mancino has more than 10,000 skydives to her name. Additionally, she is seen enjoying the new LEAF Plus, which provides owners with a 226-mile range on just one charge.

"In the past, a lot of electric vehicle advertising focused on the technology alone and neglected to tell the unique story of how driving an electric car makes you feel," said Allyson Witherspoon, vice president, Marketing Communications and Media, Nissan North America. "We have found that people who experience EV driving really love the quick acceleration, the quiet cabin and all the intelligent technology that make driving less stressful. It really is a joy to drive an EV and few do it better than our best-selling LEAF.”

Give us a call to discuss the all-new LEAF now!
There’s some serious tech packed into the 2019 Nissan Altima. Take, for instance, its engine. The 2.5-liter unit is something special in that it benefits from a special manufacturing process that usually only finds its way into the engines of supercars.

The engine block of the 2019 Nissan Altima benefits from a cutting-edge mirror bore process that serves to enhance efficiency and reduce friction. Overall, the elimination of bulky cylinder liners allows the motor to operate more smoothly. The treatment was first used in the Nissan GT-R and now, thanks to the Decherd assembly line, it’s made its way to the Altima. As a result, it’s now the highest volume application of the tech at Nissan—Decherd’s team assembles a motor every 19 seconds and can pump out as many as 1.4 million units a year.

"Advanced technology like the mirror bore process only makes sense for Nissan if we can offer it to as many customers as possible," said Jay Boyte, director of engineering at Decherd Powertrain Plant, Nissan North America. "The end result is an innovative and efficient engine made with manufacturing technology usually not available at this volume or price point," added Boyte.

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Kirkland, Nissan really had something to crow about this past December and you’re a big part of it.

Nissan Group this week announced their total U.S. sales for December 2018, and the results were staggeringly positive. The automaker sold a total of 148,720 units in that month alone—an increase of 7.6-percent over the prior year during the same time period. Overall calendar year sales in the U.S. hit 1,493,877 cars.

As we dial down more, there’s additional positive news to cover. Nissan Rogue sales also saw improvement, setting an all-time monthly record in December by moving 42,523 units (a six-percent increase over the same period in 2017). The exciting Kicks crossover also saw its best month since its launch, selling 5,704 units. Plus, the Murano saw a boost in sales (7 percent), while the Frontier truck found a new home in 7,492 garages in December—a 27-percent increase over the prior year’s sales. Rounding it all out was the company’s exciting all-electric vehicle, the LEAF, which saw an increase of a whopping 31-percent!

Swing by Kirkland Nissan in Tacoma today to test drive any of these vehicles!
Nissan Intelligent Mobility is set to shake up the world at the upcoming 2019 North American International Auto Show. The future is about to arrive, Tacoma!

While every major car show tends to be a special occasion for Nissan, this one is a bit different. The next evolution of their Intelligent Mobility platform is set to debut, gifting customers around the globe a look at exciting concept cars as well as the latest production vehicles currently in circulation at dealerships around the country. Innovations will be in full effect, as they follow up on recent releases and reveals that include the tremendous Leaf e+ and Invisible-to-Invisible technology concept (you can check our latest posts on this page for more on each of those).

We’ll have a full report for you after the event concludes; however, if you’re determined to catch all the exciting news yourself, you can watch the conference live. Nissan is hosting a stream of their presser on their YouTube channel as well as via their Twitter. The 2019 NAIAS starts its engines on January 19 and runs through the 27th at Detroit’s Cobo Center.

Give us a ring if you have any questions!
Nissan is up to some pretty neat stuff, Kirkland residents. Through using a special tool called the Xenon Weather-Ometer (XWO), the auto manufacturer is able to examine material durability in different climates and situations, including while undergoing sunlight UV exposure tests.

In an effort to determine the effects of solar energy on paint, plastics, and certain interior car materials, the XWO tool utilizes the assistance of a 4,000-watt Xenon bulb that bakes as many as 100 different colored samples at the same time. This bulb mimics the wavelengths of the sun. Further, the samples actually rotate around the Xenon light during testing, mimicking the earth’s orbit. Once finished, the Nissan engineers check the materials at different intervals to detect any changes, thereby helping to ensure quality and durability down the line for auto buyers.

In sum, the brilliance of the XWO tool and the accelerated weather chamber used is that Nissan is capable of accurately recreating real-world, natural conditions in a lab environment. They’re therefore able to ensure their quality standards are truly second-to-none.

Give us a call at Kirkland Nissan today to hear more about the innovative XWO tool!
Nissan’s performance brand—“NISMO,” the shortened form of "NISsan MOtorsports”—has carried the banner for performance cars in the global space for six decades. And now, the company is primed to celebrate the full sixty years of its dominance during their 21st-annual fan appreciation event to be held in Japan on Dec. 2.

The 2018 NISMO Festival will feature a grand total of more than 50 performance cars that have competed both locally in Japan and worldwide since Nissan’s class victory at the 1958 Australian Rally. Featured machines include rally cars from the 1950s through the 1980s; 1990s prototype machines; and modern-day GT cars.

The icing on the cake? The 2018 NISMO Festival will provide the public with its first opportunity to witness the Formula E car in action on the track. It’s an all-electric vehicle courtesy of Nissan Intelligent Mobility that will see its first competitive action weeks after its festival debut in a race in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

If you have any questions about the upcoming event or have interest in the sensational 2018 LEAF NISMO, give us a ring at Kirkland Nissan!
nissan sports cars for sale in seattle washingtonAccording to an article out of the UK by Top Gear magazine, Nissan is looking to put electric powertrains in the next-generation GT-R and the next edition 370Z. In an interview with Nissan marketing executive, Jean-Pierre Diernaz, the automaker wants 40% of its European sales to consist of electric vehicles by 2022. 
“I don’t see electrification and sports cars as technologies that are conflicting,” Diernaz is quoted as saying in the article. “Maybe it’s the other way around – sports cars can benefit lots from electrification. At the end of the day, a motor and battery are much easier to move from one platform to another, from one sub-segment to another, than a full internal combustion set-up.”
At this time, little more is known about the two models and whether electrification will make its way to the United States. In the article, Diernaz did assure Nissan sports car fans that the GT-R and 370Z will keep their essential characteristics, no matter what powertrains ultimately drive them. Some speculators have also suggested that Nissan is working on a joint venture with Mercedes-Benz on a successor to the current 370Z, which could see the availability of a hybrid powertrain in addition to 2.0-liter and 2.0-liter turbo engines.
What are your thoughts on the possibility of an electrified GT-R or 370Z? We’d love to know your opinion! Call or visit us at Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington, where our inventories are stocked with current model year options for your test driving enjoyment.
The statistics prove staggering - with the number of vehicular heatstroke deaths for children jumping from 5 in 1990 to 43 in 2017. Despite warnings from critics and consumer watch groups, these incidents continue to plague the country; and families suffer tremendous losses from an all too simple mistake.

Nissan wishes to ensure that no child is forgotten - which is why it intends to standardize its Rear Door Alert system by 2022.

According to Value Penguin, Nissan is bringing safety to the Tacoma market - by fusing its entire fleet with advanced notifications. Within the next four years the brand will counter all incidents of heatstroke-related injuries and fatalities, ensuring that parents can instantly identify whether their children are still inside the car before walking away. This system will:

One: Monitor the opening and closing of the rear doors via intuitive sensors.

Two: Recognize if the rear doors aren’t re-opened upon arriving at a destination.

Three: Release a series of audio cues (including digital beeps and horn engagements) to warn drivers of their potential error.

Through this parents will be immediately reminded of precious cargo left in the back-seat - with Nissan’s fleet (including the Sentra, Altima, and Armada) assessing all entry and exit patterns. Safety is assured.

To learn more about the Rear Door Alert system - as well as other Nissan security protocols - contact our team today.

nissan hybrid vehicles seattle washingtonAccording to a recent Automotive News Europe article, Nissan Motor Corporation is considering an expansion of its ePower hybrid drivetrain to additional global markets within the next few years. The technology is currently available on the Nissan Note and Serena in Japan with the Juke soon to follow.
The extension of ePower to European markets is in response to more stringent CO2 targets and a reduced dependency on diesel fuels, which are set for 2020-2021. There is also talks of rolling out a range of fully-electric vehicles similar to the Leaf EV, but Nissan is studying other methods that would allow for partial electrification.
“We can do a 48-volt mild hybrid, or we can do a plug-in hybrid, but what is most interesting right now is the success we have had with ePower technology,” says Ponz Pandikuthira, Vice President of Product Planning in the interview.
ePower uses a small gasoline engine to act as a range extender to charge a battery, which is especially useful in markets where charging infrastructure is weak or not widely available. It is also cheaper to produce when compared to plug-in hybrid technologies, partly because the engine is not connected to the driveline and the vehicle doesn’t require 400 kg of additional battery weight. It’s a great solution for the automaker, bridging the gap between traditional diesel fuels and complex plug-in powertrains.
In the article, it was stated that Nissan plans to bring ePower to the U.S., but more likely as an option on higher-end vehicles. The technology will play a larger roll in the Infiniti lineup, come 2021.

To learn more about Nissan electric vehicles or to schedule a test drive in the currently available Leaf plug-in, contact Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington, for more.
It’s an all too familiar rhythm - with your car stopping-starting-stalling its way down the lane. You jerk constantly in your seat, unable to fight against the friction; and a simple commute becomes an unwanted thrill-ride.

Nissan seeks to change this - planning a fully autonomous experience by 2020.

According to the NY Daily News, Nissan intends to bolster its fleet with the ProPilot system - an automated suite that utilizes advanced radar sensors and high-definition cameras to monitor traffic patterns. Speed and lane trajectories are carefully assessed, and then the steering column is engaged to ensure smooth handling in stop-and-go scenarios. All acceleration is intuitively controlled to provide a refined cabin experience.

Currently, the ProPilot is only available in select platforms (including the Rogue and LEAF). Soon, however, it will anchor more than 20 vehicles - with Nissan intending to improve the highway experience for every driver. By 2020 this suite will deliver speed moderation and total transmission control to the: Altima, Armada, X-Trail, and more (a full list should be revealed by the end of the summer).

This will assure superior handling on the road - with drivers able to rely on Intelligent Cruise Control (which provides custom speed settings) to simplify their travels. The ProPilot system, according to Nissan, is intended to reduce stress and increase performance; and its seamless steering and ABS engagements brand it ideal for fickle traffic.

What do you think of this ProPilot plan? Share your opinions with us today!
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