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Great attitude, Johnny helped us for 3hours explains all...
Great attitude, Johnny helped us for 3hours explains all the difference about the vehicles. We came in at 4:45, He been working with us too 8 pm.
Professional and courteous
My husband had initially gone to setup a service appointment for our Ford Edge. He started looking around at newer models. Peter was very courteous and helpful. We found a new Ford Edge and love it. Nick, who helped out with financing went above and beyond in helping us find a plan that was workable for us.
Great experience with Michael he provided a great price...
Great experience with Michael he provided a great price on my trade in and on the new purchase even got me a great deal on some winter tires. He went above and beyond my expectations. Would recommend this dealership.
Many thanks to Pete, Wes and the service team for making...
Many thanks to Pete, Wes and the service team for making this purchase as simple as possible. Would not hesitate to do business with in the future.
Got me exactly what I wanted for a very good price
I shopped around very well, I met very helpful sales associates at other dealers, and some sales associates at other dealers that tried to put me into "close to what I wanted". Peter Olson and Robert Claus never even suggested a close match, it was always about finding the perfect one. I am very happy with the truck, and I have to say it was so nice to have Peter do a complete, unrushed, and very thorough demonstration of all, and there a lot of things to demonstrate, features during the delivery. The truck was already sold and he followed through making sure that I am happy. xxxxxxto Kal Bhatti the Sales Manager also, he made the numbers work on my trade and on the unit I purchased. I don' think of myself as a strong negotiator but I really feel that I go the best deal possible Feel a little like I ground them down pretty hard actually. I'll buy my wife's next car here in a few months as well. ILike I say, I was at a lot of other dealers looking, Key West came out on top
Couldn't ask for a better used car purchasing experience!
For the first time ever, I bought a used car sight unseen, mostly because I'm 1,500 kilometres north of New Westminster and the vehicle was for my daughter, who is in Prince George to attend UNBC. I saw a good price for a 2016 Subaru Impreza online and heard back from Key West Ford immediately when I inquired. Peter Olson was very helpful answering questions about the car, Wes Upton arranged to have the Subaru delivered to Prince George and her trade-in picked up (after arranging to have winter tires/rims installed for me) and Gurj Khera made the financing application painless and the rate even came in below what I expected. Even the delivery driver was pleasant, apologizing when the delivery was later in the day than hoped for. The car comes with the 30 day/2,000 km exchange policy which is a plus in this situation, but my daughter's been driving "Salvatore the Subaru" for almost a week and has had no surprises. I'd like to express my thanks to everyone at Key West that was involved in this purchase - you kept every commitment, and made an experience that I was not looking forward to painless! People like you are the reason I would come back to Key West Ford in the future.
Fantastic service start to finish! Low pressure but...
Fantastic service start to finish! Low pressure but highly active to make me happy and take care of my needs towards purchase. Finance Michelle was a joy to connect with. Jag was my sales associate and he reached out to me after I saw the car online. Very informative and on point with any questions or concerns. All the manager was a proper boss if I asked about something he just made it happen. Will be heading back for the Mach E when they are available :-)
Very friendly and professional guy, helped me find the...
Very friendly and professional guy, helped me find the right Mustang in a short time! Nice customer service good pricing and everything! Will definately recommend to our firends!
I love the service with Johnny DeCosta. I was very happy...
I love the service with Johnny DeCosta. I was very happy with him as he helped me choose what i really need for my business. He advised me on what option to get that would be beneficial to my needs from what I had. I would always recommend Johnny to all my friends in the busines, as his knowledge on commercial vans are awesome. Thank you all so much
Interesting Nissan Facts For Seattle, Tacoma, And Bellevue Washington
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buy a nissan in kirkland“Nissan” as you know it wasn’t always, well, Nissan.

Here’s the scoop: Back in 1914, Kwaishinsha Co.’s Kenjiro Den, Rokuro Aoyama and Meitaro Takeuchi endeavored to build an automobile. They used the first letter of each of their last names to christen the 10-HP machine they produced the “DAT,” which means “lively” or “agile” in Japanese.

In the same year, Lila Company and Kwaishinsha Co. merged; five years later in 1919, the aforementioned merged with Jitsuyo Jidosha Co., a three-wheel-car producer. The result was Dat Jidosha Seizo Co. Then, in 1931, that entity teamed up with Tobata Casting Company to make “Datson” cars (literally “son of DAT”). Later, that name would be tweaked to “Datsun” to reflect the national symbol of Japan, the sun. If you’ve been around a while, you may even remember Datsun machines, even if you’re American!

Finally, on June 1, 1934, Nihon Sanyo and Tobata Casting paired up, eventually leading to the creation of “Nissan Motors.”

That’s quite the storied—and complex—history, isn’t it? If you have any questions or wish to learn more, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Kirkland Nissan today!
buy a nissan in kirklandDid you know that Nissan used to produce automobiles for other brands? It’s true!

Back in 1934 when Nissan was still known as “Datsun,” the automaker began to build the Austin 7 under license with the Austin Motor Company. This early partnership would represent the greatest overseas licensing success of Austin’s 7 and was the beginning of Datsun’s international renown.

Later, in 1952, Nissan would enter into a separate legal agreement with Austin to assemble 2,000 of their machines from imported partially assembled sets for sale in Japan under the Austin branding. The partnership required Nissan to make all the necessary parts locally in three years; the company met that obligation easily. All told, Nissan produced Austins for seven years, during which time they had the rights to Austin patents. It was these patents that would bolster the development of the Datsun line of cars.

Although Austin itself still built their own cars for some time, by 1955, the Austin A50 was entirely manufactured by Nissan and marketed by the company in Japan with a 1489 engine. In total, Nissan would make 20,855 Austins from 1953 to 1959.

Call us at Kirkland Nissan now to learn more fun facts!
buy a nissan in kirkland washingtonDid you know that Nissan Motor Company wasn’t always known as “Nissan?” It’s true! Buckle yourself in because we’re about to cover quite a bit of history.

Nissan was really the result of the merger of a number of automakers. It all began in 1914 when Kenjiro Den, Rokuro Aoyama and Meitaro Takeuchi at Kwaishinsha Co. decided to build a passenger vehicle. Using the first letter of their last names, they named the 10-HP engine that powered the machine “DAT.” This word means “agile” or “lively” in Japanese—take note of this for later!

Also in 1914, Kwaishinsha Co. merged with the Lila Company. Then, five years later in 1919, three-wheeled-car producer Jitsuyo Jidosha Co. merged with the aforementioned entities, forming Dat Jidosha Seizo Co. And when in 1931 that company partnered with Tobata Casting Company to make Datson passenger cars (literally “son” 
of “DAT”), it wasn’t long before the moniker was altered to Datsun to represent the national symbol of Japan (the sun). For some of you older folk, you’ll remember Datsun cars well!

The final turn was when Tobata Casting teamed up with another manufacturer, Nihon Sanyo. This produced the Jidosha Seizo Company which was renamed “Nissan Motors” on June 1, 1934.

Call us at Kirkland Nissan for more fun facts!
Did you know that the Nissan GT-R Premium has quite the storied history? It actually started out as part of the automaker’s Skyline series. Though no longer part of that lineup, the sports car has deep roots in the world of racing.

The GT-R is a two-door vehicle that is considered to be in the 2+2 style, which means it has very small rear seats for children or for occasional use. It was launched in
1969, when it was called the Nissan Skyline GT-R, and it enjoyed great success both on the highway and on the race track.

Today, the GT-R maintains its pedigree with four-wheel drive and a twin turbo V6 engine. It still relies on many signature touches, like four round tail lights. The official United States launch of this model as we know it today didn’t come until 2008. Nissan’s Chief Creative Officer has likened the new version to the robots from the popular Gundam anime series.

The 2017 GT-R Premium is a wonderful and athletic choice for both everyday driving and special occasions. If you’re in the Bothell, Washington, area and want to step into a piece of automobile history, stop by Kirkland Nissan for a test drive. You’re sure to have a wonderful time behind the wheel! 
new 2018 nissan titan xd pro-4x for sale in kirkland washingtonWith over 100 years in the transportation industry, the world recognizes Nissan for its great vehicles. Although many people think about small cars when this brand comes into the conversation, this company also creates hardworking pickups. During World War II, the Japanese government began forcing engineers to manufacture military equipment. Aircraft, motorboats, and army trucks were all new territory for this blossoming automotive business. However, after the dust settled and things started to go back to normal, the innovative designers were able to use this experience to their advantage.

Now, the 2018 Nissan Titan XD Pro-4X is a top seller and can hold its ground against competitors like the Toyota Tundra and Dodge Ram. Growling under the hood is a 5.6-liter V8 engine that produces 390 horsepower and 394 pound-feet of torque. Equipped with a  seven-speed automatic transmission and 4WD, this beast is capable of towing up to 11,040 lbs.

The Pro-4X trim level includes 18-inch alloy wheels with all-terrain tires and is built primarily for off-roading. Bilstein shocks absorb impacts with rocks, and skid plates protect the undercarriage from scuffs and scrapes.

Want to take one out for a spin? Contact our dealership in Kirkland, Washington to schedule a test drive in a new Titan XD!
2018 nissan gt-r track edition for sale in seattle washingtonWhen it comes to speed, many people tend to think about Porsche and Ferrari. However, the world record for the fastest production model is held by Nissan. The GT-R surpassed its competitors on the Nürburgring racing track. Unveiled in 2007, this sports car has been tweaked by engineers to near perfection over the years. It is currently considered to be the quickest street-legal vehicle available on the market.

Growling under the hood is a 3.8-L twin turbo V6 engine that generates a whopping 600 horsepower and 481 lb-ft of torque. Equipped with all-wheel-drive, this racer gets 18 mpg combined (16 city/22 highway), which isn’t bad for such a potent vehicle.

Outfitted with top-of-the-line technology like Bluetooth and NissanConnect, you won’t miss out on any special features. The 2018 Nissan GT-R Track Edition is designed with a rigid body structure, a front fascia with more cooling area and downforce, a rear wing, and side skirts to cut down on wind resistance. With its aggressive suspension calibration, it can handle turns at high speeds with ease.

Want to take one out for a spin? Contact Kirkland Nissan in Seattle, Washington to schedule a test drive today!

It’s always interesting to learn more about your favorite auto brands. For instance, did you know that Nissan actually was the Japanese manufacturer of the vehicle most like the American Ford Model T?

In 1934, engineering conglomerate Nihon Sangyo Co., Ltd acquired Datsun. This company would later become Nissan. They began to manufacture Japan’s first mass-produced car, the Type 15.

The Type 15 was available in a variety of body styles, including a mini-pickup, delivery van, coupe, and a convertible. The vehicle was powered by a 747-cc 4-cylinder engine, which produced 15 horsepower through a 3-speed transmission.

Nissan also played a part in British auto production. In 1952, they entered an agreement to build and sell cars for Austin, a large company in England. At first, these vehicles were assembled as kits, within three years they began to be put together locally.

This partnership permitted Nissan to make use of Austin’s patents, which launched the Japanese manufacturer on a forward trajectory to its modern status.

Intrigued by the automaker’s storied history? Stop by your local Kirkland Nissan dealer today. There are a number of wonderful vehicles ready for a test run, including the beautiful and sporty 370Z Coupe Touring. In 2018, its technology is a bit more impressive than the Type 15--this model has a six-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive, as well as a powerful V-6 engine and 350 horsepower. Hurry in! 
Welcome to the Nissan fact of the day column! There’s a lot you may not know about the popular automaker. For instance, were you aware that it’s actually a very large company?

In 1999, Nissan formed an alliance with Renault. Today, theirs is the longest-running transnational partnership between two major auto manufacturers. They share stakes in each other’s companies, the former having a 15% stake in the latter. When considered together, this is the world’s fourth-largest vehicle maker.

Even better? Nissan has played a large part in advancing the role of female spokespeople for the industry. In 1936, before other manufacturers were doing so, the company hired four women to be brand ambassadors. Today, they still employ a popular group known as the “Miss Fair Lady” team.

One last tidbit for your day? The Nissan Pulsar GTi-R, a 227-horsepower, AWD hatchback was designed with rally driving in mind. The automaker hid a surprise folded-up umbrella in the frame of the vehicle. How cool!

Kirkland Nissan has a variety of fantastic vehicles on the lot that
are ready for a test drive. How about the 2018 Titan SV? It’s the perfect truck for your summertime adventures. It comes complete with the capacity to haul and has a convenience package to make road trips even better. Hurry in and check it out for yourself! 
2018 nissan datsun history of nissan cars seattle washingtonYou may not know it, but Nissan has quite the storied history. All the way back in 1914, a Japanese company called Kaishinsha Motorcar Works released a new vehicle called the DAT. This was an acronym of the last names of the owners (Kenjiro Den, Rokuro Aoyama, and Meitaro Takeuchi).

In 1932, the company released a new compact car with a smaller 495 cc engine. They elected to do this because Japan had passed recent laws that made having a vehicle with specs under 500 ccs beneficial.

At this point, the automakers named their new vehicle Datson. However, this model was later changed to Datsun, because “son” sounded too much like the Japanese word for “loss.”

In 1936, Nissan placed the Datsun into an auto race, which it handily won. This jumpstarted the company’s storied role in motorsports.

Nissan has come a long way since then, but is still committed to being the best! Now, from the powerful Titan to the environmentally friendly Leaf S, the automaker is proud to produce the world’s highest-quality vehicles.

Stop by your Kirkland Nissan dealer and test drive the 2018 Nissan Leaf S, a technological marvel for today’s generation. Fully electric, this car will save the planet and is easy on wallets. Hurry in! 
2018 nissan 370z for sale seattle kirkland washingtonIf you’re reading this, you probably love Nissan cars. From the sporty 2018 370Z Coupe Touring to the powerful 2018 Titan XD Pro-4X, the automaker is known for its lasting quality and excellent design.

There are probably a lot of things about Nissan that you don’t know yet, though. For instance, you might not be aware that the automaker once got involved in space exploration. Starting in 1970, they built the rocket engines for Japan’s missions, doing so all the way up until 2000. One of these, used for the Lambda 4S-5, even outlived the program, burning up in the atmosphere in 2003.

I don’t know about you, but if someone can manufacture a great rocket engine, I’m going to tend to trust them to design fantastic, high-quality parts of automobiles. Thirty-three years of working on Japanese space exploration is impressive stuff!

Some Nissan autos, like the 370Z Coupe Touring, have impressive engines, too. It actually offers 350 horsepower! That won’t get you into space, but for a smaller vehicle, that’s exceptionally strong.

Intrigued by what this automaker can do? Stop by your local Kirkland Nissan dealer today and test
drive a variety of amazing vehicles, including the 370Z Coupe Touring. Hurry in! 
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